Quick Reaction to the Trent Richardson Trade News


The Colts and Browns agreed to a trade today that will send Trent Richardson to Indy in exchange for some future draft picks. RotoViz was very high on Richardson preseason (and I personally own him in a number of leagues) so this was a big trade for us. Some thoughts:

  • Long term this probably helps Richardson as the IND offense is going to be better with Andrew Luck than the CLE offense was going to be with whoever they trot out there.
  • Short term this probably hurts Richardson as he now has to learn a new offense midseason and this could especially impact him in week 3 when the Colts face SF. In fact you would assume that the part of the game that Richardson will pick up last will be pass protection. That means that when he’s on the field defenses can assume run. If that’s the case then you could see a really gross 10 carry 20 yard performance this weekend.
  • You also have to worry a little that the Browns were ready to bail on Richardson given that when he was picked he was regarded as the most talented RB that some had seen in some time. The Browns got a 1st round pick back in the deal so maybe you could say that at worst this just rectifies a team building error that the current front office thought had been carried out by the previous front office (like taking an RB in the first round). But in any case there are rumblings that Richardson didn’t really have everything figured out as a pro running back.
  • In terms of our assessment of Richardson, the things we liked about him were that he was young, big and was involved in all elements of the game. As long as those elements remain the same I’ll continue to like him. If the Colts decide he’s just a runner and isn’t going to be involved in the pass game then I would definitely be ready to bail on him.

Edit: The situation on the Browns side is unclear to the point where I don’t know who you should actually pickup. I picked up Willis McGahee in a few leagues although he isn’t even signed (the rumors are that he’ll sign tomorrow). Some would like to see Bobby Rainey and then I suppose there’s also Chris Ogbonnaya.