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2019 Rotoviz Projections

The RotoViz projection process

The above projections were created by Senior Fantasy Analyst, Dave Caban. Dave has played a significant role in the site’s projection process for a number of years — creating tools to assist with development of projections and also developing the published RotoViz projections. Dave spends a great amount of time considering league-wide, team-specific, and player specific trends and factors while creating his projections. 

Dave’s projections aim to estimate the most likely outcome for a player in a given season. Said differently, they represent his best estimate of a player’s most likely or frequently occurring outcome within his range of outcomes. All offensive skill positions are projected for every team. However, only players projected to score 85 or more PPR points are included above.

The RotoViz methodology for creating projections is as follows:

Step 1: Estimate team-level play volume and allocate between rushing/passing attempts

Step 2: Allocate percentages of rushing/passing attempts to offensive players.

Step 3: Consider each player’s historical results, changes in situation, positional benchmarks, and other predictive factors in order to develop player specific efficiency estimates.


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