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3 Sneaky Second-Year Breakout Candidates Poised to Be the Next D.J. Chark

Patience. That’s what we hear all the time as dynasty owners. We know it can take several years for our rookie draft picks to return on value and become consistent producers in both real and fantasy football. Some positions, like tight ends, can take even longer to develop. So, why do we lose patience so quickly? In a world dominated…...

Scott Fish Bowl Strategy: When To Draft Your #SFBX QB1 and When to Go Zero RB

A few days ago, I provided a quick overview on the impact that the #SFBX scoring system has for historical finishes. Additionally, I converted Dave Caban’s fantastic projections for anyone looking to gain an edge in their #SFBX leagues. If you’re looking to play around with the data, I urge you to check out the new Scott Fish Bowl Points…...

FFPC Pros v Joes Dynasty Superflex Startup: Blockbuster Trades, QB Dilemmas, and Widespread Skepticism About RB ADP

Shawn Siegele breaks down the most recent developments in his FFPC Superflex Dynasty League startup. He profiles the blockbuster trades, examines the best picks, and explains why owners are ignoring the RB-heavy ADP of the format. Curtis Patrick and I are drafting in a loaded Pros vs Joes event that includes long-time friend Patrick Kerrane and many other talented owners…....

Mega Chalk Is Rare in the $6,500-$7,400 Range, But Is It Worth Chasing When We Find It?

I’ve spent most of the past three months diving into different ways to model PGA Tour performance. As with most things, predicting golf exists on a spectrum. On the “most predictable” side of that spectrum, you have things like Driving Distance. It doesn’t really change from event to event with some, rare exceptions. On the other end, we have things…...

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