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So You’re Saying There’s a Chance? – Geno Smith Edition


First, a full disclosure before I get to the meat of this post.

I often have a cavalier attitude about my starting quarterback in fantasy football. It borders on hubris if we’re being honest. Not only have I managed to string together some championships while starting the likes of Tim Tebow, I actually enjoy the feeling of finding waiver wire (fool’s) gold and then having no idea whether an Austin Davis thirty spot, or a Josh McCown goose egg is coming. At some point I lost the fear response that keeps normal people from starting Geno Smith in a fantasy league. I mean that’s a real fucked up thing to do. I’m not proud of it. It actually cost me money last year and when I went back to look at my seasonal results, noticing that there were instances where Geno cost me games, it was something of a bottom for me. An admission that maybe I’m not in control of this problem like I think I am.

So when I saw this item today the emotions were pretty mixed.

On one hand I would love to fire up the “Hair on Fire” QB strategy in 2015. On the other hand I was making some promises to myself that this year would be different. Hell I’d started looking at Ben Roethlisberger at QB8 and talking myself into actually paying for a season long starter this year. I feel like a recovering addict who just got his own place and a car loan, only to win an all expenses paid trip to Amsterdam. OK, I don’t know if that analogy really landed, but go with me on this.

Geno is going to be the default starter in an offense with Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, field stretcher Devin Smith, and young tight end Jace Amaro. He was actually decent last year when he was throwing to Decker. More weapons can only be good for

If Geno was good throwing to Decker, and he doesn’t have to throw to the likes of Jeremy Kerley anymore, isn’t some optimism in order? Chan Gailey made Tyler Thigpen a thing. Most of the arguments that apply to Fitzmagic have to apply to Geno right?

I should probably stop writing now because I went from going “hey, it’s always fun to write about Geno” to “hell, this might not be a terrible idea” which will probably end about as badly as it did last year.

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