RotoViz Radio: Patrick Daugherty and Rich Hribar – Episode 72

Zero RB

Episode 72 (July 28, 2015): The seventy-second show of RotoViz Radio: A Fantasy Football Podcast (@RotoVizRadio), hosted by Matthew Freedman (@MattFtheOracle), with Patrick Daugherty (@RotoPat) filling in for Jon Moore (@TheCFX).

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Cohost: Patrick Daugherty (@RotoPat)

Pat is an NFL Writer for RotoWorld & NBC Sports. In his return to the show, Pat talks about the players he is drafting and avoiding at each position and his refusal to employ predetermined strategies when selecting players.

Guest: Rich Hribar (@LordReebs)

Rich is a writer for The Fake Football & RotoViz; a cohost of the Faked Goods podcast; and a Consultant for Draft Day Consultants, Inc. In his return to the show, Rich runs throw the 2015 fantasy football team outlooks that he has published so far, touching on Le’Veon Bell, Justin Forsett, and many other players.

Hot Outtakes

Pat & Matt discuss Rich’s podcasting awesomeness; Matt highlights his inability to get the intro right on the first take; Rich compares doing the podcast to talking to his wife; Matt alludes to a low, slow talker; Pat attempts to say the word “perennially” while hyping Shane Vereen; the podcast listening habits of Evan Silva & Matt are discussed; and Pat’s admission regarding a drunken disclosure is cut short.

Show Notes: “A Man of Exquisite Taste”

The show’s introduction is provided by the vocal talents of Randy E. Aguebor (@RandyAguebor), the Affordable James Earl Jones.

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