The RotoViz Report: 10 August 2015 – Karl Safchick

August 10, 2015: The RotoViz Report: A RotoViz Radio News Show, hosted by Matthew Freedman (@MattFtheOracle) with guest Karl Safchick (@KarlSafchick).

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News Items

On the show, Matt & Karl discuss Nick Foles’ contract extension; John Brown’s ascendancy; Tevin Coleman & Devonta Freeman’s injured hamstrings; and Aldon Smith’s release from the 49ers.

“No Shit!” or “Shit, No!”

In a segment dedicated almost entirely to pseudo-“useless” news, Matt & Karl storm through a litany of items ranging from Arian Foster’s groin to A.J. Jenkins’ continued NFL existence.

Is This News Item Fake?

After the Presidential debate on Thursday night, multi-billionaire and comb-over superstar Donald Trump told ESPN’s Arash Markazi that, if he were unsuccessful in obtaining the GOP’s nomination, he would devote his full efforts to resurrecting and being the commissioner of the defunct United States Football League, because “the NFL doesn’t know what it’s doing, it’s time for some competition, and their commissioner is so bad his name should be ‘Roger Badell.’”

Is this news item real?—or fake?

If you read or hear a piece of fake news that is so ridiculous it must be real, send it to us via email ( or Twitter (@RotoVizRadio).

Hot Outtakes

Karl recounts a recent evening spent with Rich Hribar, Raymond Summerlin, and Renee Miller.

Show Notes: “I Can Get into the Pool Party”

The show’s introduction is provided by the vocal talents of Randy E. Aguebor (@RandyAguebor), the Arbitrage James Earl Jones.

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