The Best (and Worst) Age-Adjusted Heisman Campaigns since 1980

The Heisman Trophy will be awarded this Saturday and because this year is such a close race, I started comparing the résumés of Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey and Deshaun Watson. As you might expect, age was one of the factors I included. I’ve written extensively about this with respect to prospect evaluation, but I thought it might be fun to drag into the college game too. Before we get to this year’s race, let’s take a look at the best, and worst, Heisman campaigns through the paradigm of my age-adjusted world.

Thanks to Sports-Reference I was quickly able to pull the top-10 results from every Heisman race since 1980. Actually, I could have gone back further than that, but 1980 seemed like a nice round number and it was the year Herschel Walker debuted for the University of Georgia, which I basically equivocate with the start of modern college football. Maybe that’s arbitrary, but since I’m doing the legwork here I figure I get to draw the lines in the sand. From there, I found each top-10 vote-getter’s age in the relevant season. Then I plotted them on this graph. Essentially we’re looking for the youngest players to earn a high percentage of the total possible points, which would be represented by the dots in the upper-left quadrant of this graph.

age vs heisman vote percentage

A note about the Heisman voting

The way the voting works is that each voter ranks their top three candidates and indicates each player’s position as first-, second-, or third-place. First place gets three points. Second place gets two points. Third place gets one point. To calculate the percentage of maximum votes, I divided the player’s total score 1 by the maximum possible points they could receive if they swept every first place vote cast that year. 2

From there I created z-scores for age (lower is better) and percentage-of-total-points (higher is better) and subtracted the age-z from the percentage-votes-z. The resulting number is their age-adjusted score, which is a numerical representation of where they plot on the above graph.


The Best Age-Adjusted Heisman Campaigns since 1980

#1) Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State, 2013

Age: 20.0    Percentage of maximum points: 82.3%

In his redshirt freshman season Winston guided the Seminoles to a national championship. He completed nearly 67 percent of his passes and threw for 40 touchdowns to just 10 interceptions on his way to a 4,057 yards. By winning the championship, Florida State, from the ACC, broke the SEC’s streak of seven consecutive champions.


#2) Barry Sanders, RB, Oklahoma State, 1988

Age: 20.5    Percentage of maximum points: 87.6%

In his final season in Stillwater, Barry Sanders set the record for single-season all-purpose yards, which stood for 27 years until Christian McCaffrey broke it last weekend (on fewer touches than Sanders received in ’88). Sanders found the endzone 39 times in 12 games that year as the Cowboys finished #11 in the final polls. He would be drafted 3rd overall by the Lions in the 1989 Draft.


#3) Reggie Bush, RB, USC, 2005

Age: 20.8    Percentage of maximum points: 95

After finishing 5th in the 2004 Heisman voting to his teammate Matt Leinart, Bush claimed the award in 2005. He lead the the nation in yards-per-carry (8.7) and yards from scrimmage (2218) that year as the Trojans went undefeated in the regular season before falling to 2005 Heisman runner-up, Vince Young, in the National Championship game. Bush finished his college career with 25 rushing touchdowns, 13 receiving touchdowns, four return touchdowns and one passing touchdown. And, no, I don’t care that he would later return this award.


#4) Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M, 2012

Age: 20.1    Percentage of maximum points: 75.8

The first (redshirt) freshman to win the award, Johnny Football rapidly ascended to larger-than-life status in 2012. He threw for 3,706 and rushed for 1,410 on his way to 47 total touchdowns. In his first career start, his team lost to a Florida team that would go on to the Sugar Bowl, but after that they won 11 of 12, including Manziel’s “Heisman moment” win over Alabama.


#5) Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon, 2014

Age: 21.2    Percentage of maximum points: 94.9

Mariota was nearly flawless in a season where he threw for 4,454 yards, ran for 770 yards and accounted for 58 total touchdowns, while leading Oregon to the National Championship game. For his career, his team was 36-5 when he started and he has the second-highest career passer rating in NCAA history. If you want to feel the warm-fuzzies, watch this video that Oregon made for him after the season.


#6) Herschel Walker, RB, Georgia, 1982

Age: 20.8    Percentage of maximum points: 87.1

Arguably one of the most decorated college football players of all time, Walker finished in the top-three in the Heisman voting in each of his three collegiate seasons. Statistically, it wasn’t his best year, but after two close calls, and being on the #4 team in the country, Walker did enough to get over the hump. More on him in a moment…


#7) Rashaan Salaam, RB, Colorado, 1994

Age: 20.2    Percentage of maximum points: 73.4

Perhaps the most memorable thing about that 1994 Colorado team was the Kordell Stewart hail mary to beat Michigan, but they were an 11-1 team and Salaam was the star. Rushing for 2,055 yards and 24 touchdowns, Salaam nearly doubled the runner-up’s vote total. He was selected 21st overall in the 1995 Draft.


#8) Tim Tebow, QB, Florida, 2007

Age: 20.4    Percentage of maximum points: 74

Ascending to national notoriety as a red zone finisher on the 2006 National Championship Florida team, Tebow stole the show in his first full season as a starter. He threw for 32 touchdowns and rushed for 23 more, becoming the first player in college football history to join the 20 pass touchdowns-20 rush touchdowns club. He would finish in the top five twice more and has the most career Heisman votes of any player since 1980.


#9) Herschel Walker, RB, Georgia, 1980 (3rd place)

Age: 18.8    Percentage of maximum points: 36.1

As arguably the most-coveted recruit in the nation, Walker made an instant impact on the 1980 Georgia team as a true freshman. In one of the most iconic moments in college football history, his first career run went for a touchdown as he steamrolled a Tennessee defender. After that, he rushed for 1,600 yards and 15 touchdowns as Georgia claimed the 1980 National Championship.

#10) Herschel Walker, RB, Georgia, 1981 (2nd place)

Age: 19.8    Percentage of maximum points: 54.2

Hey, look who it is! Walker’s best statistical season was this 1981 campaign as he amassed 1,975 yards from scrimmage and 20 touchdowns as the Bulldogs raced to a top-five finish. Walker was beat out by USC Senior RB Marcus Allen. If you’re keeping score at home, Walker own’s three of the ten best age-adjusted Heisman campaigns in the last 35 years.


Other Notables

#11) Ricky Williams, RB, Texas, 1998

Age: 21.6    Percentage of maximum points: 93.7

Perhaps remembered more for his off-field antics as a pro than his college play, Williams is truly one of the all-time college greats. In each of his four collegiate seasons he surpassed 1,200 yards from scrimmage. For his career, he has the second-most yards from scrimmage, behind only Ron Dayne.


#12) Desmond Howard, WR, Michigan, 1991

Age: 21.6    Percentage of maximum points: 93.8

The 1991 Michigan team made the Rose Bowl and Howard was their star player. The team threw 25 touchdowns that year and Howard caught 19 of them. He also scored two rushing touchdowns and two return touchdowns that year, highlighted by this, which is one of my favorite videos ever accompanied by some fantastic voice over from the man himself.


#13) Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas, 2007 (2nd place)

Age: 20.4    Percentage of maximum points: 64.4

In maybe the best young-awesome Heisman race ever, Darren McFadden narrowly missed out on the award to Tim Tebow, who is five spots above him on this list. After finishing second in 2006, McFadden was even more dominant in this campaign, playing in one fewer game, he accounted for 200 more yards from scrimmage and two more touchdowns than he did in ’06. Also, he threw for four touchdowns in their “Wild Hog” formation.


#14) Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh, 2003 (2nd place)

Age: 20.3    Percentage of maximum points: 60.1

One of the most dominant college receivers ever, Fitz rattled off 18 straight games with a receiving touchdown in the lead up to the Heisman vote that year. Hauling in 92 passes for 1,672 yards and 22 touchdowns, Fitzgerald accounted for 45 percent of Pitt’s receiving yards. He finished second to my #3 “worst” Heisman winner, which you’ll meet in a moment.


#15) Marshal Faulk, RB, San Diego State, 1992 (2nd place)

Age: 19.8    Percentage of maximum points: 46.2

Like Herschel Walker before him, Faulk finished in the top ten of Heisman voting in each of his three collegiate seasons. In ’92 he lost out to Gino Torretta, who quarterbacked an 11-1 Miami team, while Faulk’s SDSU squad managed a record of only 5-5-1. Statistically, he was even better in 1993, but only finished 4th.


#20) Charles Woodson, DB/WR, Michigan, 1997

Age: 21.2    Percentage of maximum points: 74.2

The first primarily-defensive player to win the Heisman, Woodson lead the Wolverines to their most-recent National Championship. The fourth-overall pick in the 1998 Draft, he is one of the oldest active players in the NFL.


#43) Tyrann Mathieu, DB, LSU, 2011

Age: 19.6    Percentage of maximum points: 12.4

Besides Charles Woodson, this is the best age-adjusted finish by a non-offensive-skill-player since 1980. LSU went 13-1 that year with their only loss being to Alabama in the National Championship game; a team they beat in the regular season.


The Worst Age-Adjusted Heisman Campaigns since 1980 (among winners)

Just to be clear, all of these guys were fantastic college players. “Worst” is a relative term, based on the methodology deployed here.

#1) Chris Weinke, QB, Florida State, 2000

Age: 28.4    Percentage of maximum points: 68.2

Who should have won? Josh Heupel, QB, Oklahoma… Heupel got the last laugh here as his Sooners beat Weinke’s Seminoles in the national championship game.


#2) Eric Crouch, QB, Nebraska, 2001

Age: 23.1    Percentage of maximum points: 43.9

Who should have won? Ken Dorsey, QB, Miami… Dorsey went on to beat Crouch’s team in the Rose Bowl to claim the National Championship.


#3) Jason White, QB, Oklahoma, 2003

Age: 23.5    Percentage of maximum points: 65.8

Who should have won? Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh… see commentary above about Fitz.


#4) Carson Palmer, QB, USC, 2002

Age: 23.1   Percentage of maximum points: 65.8

Who should have won? Willis McGahee, RB, Miami… in his only full season as a starter, McGahee accounted for 2,108 yards from scrimmage and 28 touchdowns as the ‘Canes made it to the National Championship game against Ohio State. Ultimately, he finished fourth that year as a 21 year old, but his case was dramatically hindered by the presence of teammate Ken Dorsey, who finished fifth.

The 2015 Heisman Winner

Circling back to the beginning of this article, the finalists for this year’s award are, as favored by Vegas:

Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama, Age 21.5

Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford, Age 19.6

Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson, Age 20.3

To be honest, I don’t think Watson has much of a chance to win, but of the Henry-McCaffrey debate, it’s interesting to note that Henry is almost two years older than McCaffrey. Does, or should, that matter? I have no idea, but it matters to me. Here’s hoping ‘Caff wins. If he does, he’ll become the youngest player to win the trophy.

Here is the complete data I used to generate this article. To condense the table and make it small enough to use I had to round some numbers, which resulted in a slightly modified order from what I presented above, but you get the idea.

PlacePlayerSchoolYearAgeAge Z% max points% max pts zAge-Adj Score
1Jameis WinstonFlorida State201320-1.70.8232.64.3
1Barry SandersOklahoma State198820.5-1.20.8762.84.1
1Reggie BushSouthern California200520.8-0.90.953.14
1Johnny ManzielTexas A&M201220.1-1.60.7582.33.9
1Rashaan SalaamColorado199420.2-1.40.7342.23.7
1Marcus MariotaOregon201421.2-0.60.9493.13.7
1Herschel WalkerGeorgia198220.8-0.90.8712.83.7
1Tim TebowFlorida200720.4-1.30.742.33.6
3Herschel WalkerGeorgia198018.8-2.70.3610.73.4
2Herschel WalkerGeorgia198119.8-1.80.5421.43.3
1Desmond HowardMichigan199121.6-0.20.9383.13.2
1Ricky WilliamsTexas199821.6-0.20.9373.13.2
2Darren McFaddenArkansas200720.3-1.30.6441.93.2
2Larry FitzgeraldPittsburgh200320.3-1.40.6011.73
1Ron DayneWisconsin199921.800.8842.92.9
2Marshall FaulkSan Diego State199219.8-1.80.4621.12.9
1Cam NewtonAuburn201021.6-0.10.8542.72.9
1Mark IngramAlabama200920-1.60.4841.22.8
2Darren McFaddenArkansas200619.3-2.30.3330.62.8
1Charles WoodsonMichigan199721.2-0.50.7422.32.8
2Adrian PetersonOklahoma200419.8-1.90.3860.82.7
1Doug FlutieBoston College198422.20.40.92532.7
1Troy SmithOhio State200622.40.60.9623.22.6
1Marcus AllenSouthern California198121.800.8122.62.6
1Sam BradfordOklahoma200821.1-0.60.6381.82.4
9Emmitt SmithFlorida198718.6-2.90.031-0.72.3
1Tim BrownNotre Dame198721.4-0.30.6481.92.2
4Darnell AutryNorthwestern199519.5-2.10.2170.12.2
9Marshall FaulkSan Diego State199118.8-2.70.023-0.72
3Tim TebowFlorida200821.4-0.40.5821.62
3Amari CooperAlabama201420.5-1.20.3830.82
5Reggie BushSouthern California200419.8-1.80.2310.22
2Raghib IsmailNotre Dame199021.1-0.60.5351.42
3Michael VickVirginia Tech199919.5-2.10.138-0.21.9
2Keith ByarsOhio State198421.2-0.50.5171.31.9
1Charlie WardFlorida State199323.21.30.9753.21.9
4Lorenzo WhiteMichigan State198519.7-1.90.167-0.11.8
1Robert Griffin IIIBaylor201121.90.10.6381.81.8
1Vinny TestaverdeMiami (FL)198623.11.20.9343.11.8
2Peyton ManningTennessee199721.800.6311.81.8
1Mike RozierNebraska198322.810.8562.71.8
2Manti Te'oNotre Dame201221.90.10.6381.81.7
2Troy DavisIowa State199621.3-0.50.4951.31.7
3Ken DorseyMiami (FL)200120.7-10.3640.71.7
5Tyrann MathieuLouisiana State201119.6-20.124-0.31.7
1Andre WareHouston198921.4-0.40.5031.31.6
5Darian HaganColorado198919.9-1.70.137-0.21.5
2Tommie FrazierNebraska199521.5-0.30.4861.21.5
1Matt LeinartSouthern California200421.6-0.10.5121.31.5
2Hugh GreenPittsburgh198021.4-0.30.4551.11.4
1George RogersSouth Carolina198022.10.20.5961.71.4
5Troy DavisIowa State199520.3-1.40.163-0.11.3
10Thurman ThomasOklahoma State198519.6-20.023-0.71.3
4Alex SmithUtah200420.6-1.10.2460.21.3
2Rex GrossmanFlorida200121.4-0.40.4030.91.3
8Lawrence PhillipsNebraska199419.6-20.017-0.71.3
2Andrew LuckStanford201021.3-0.50.4070.91.3
6Peyton ManningTennessee199519.8-1.90.044-0.61.3
7Roy WilliamsOklahoma200120-1.60.083-0.41.2
2Ki-Jana CarterPenn State199421.3-0.50.3790.81.2
2Melvin GordonWisconsin201421.7-0.10.4681.11.2
3LaMichael JamesOregon201021.2-0.60.3460.61.2
1Eddie GeorgeOhio State199522.30.40.5931.71.2
2Colt McCoyTexas200822.30.50.5931.71.2
1Gino TorrettaMiami (FL)199222.40.50.5991.71.1
3Eric BieniemyColorado199021.4-0.40.3630.71.1
7Ray RiceRutgers200619.9-1.70.03-0.71.1
4Marvin JonesFlorida State199220.5-1.20.168-0.11.1
6Jadeveon ClowneySouth Carolina201219.9-1.80.023-0.71.1
6Tre MasonAuburn201320.4-1.30.151-0.21.1
5J.T. BarrettOhio State201419.9-1.70.029-0.71.1
4Dan MarinoPittsburgh198120.3-1.40.116-0.31.1
2Steve YoungBrigham Young198322.20.40.5571.51.1
3Danny WuerffelFlorida199521.6-0.20.4010.91
2Josh HeupelOklahoma200022.80.90.651.91
8Mike WilliamsSouthern California200320-1.70.035-0.61
3Trent RichardsonAlabama201121.5-0.30.370.71
5Braxton MillerOhio State201220.1-1.60.054-0.61
2Vince YoungTexas200522.60.80.6011.70.9
4Willis McGaheeMiami (FL)200221.2-0.60.2710.30.9
2John ElwayStanford198222.50.70.5571.50.9
2Andrew LuckStanford201122.30.50.5321.40.9
6Napoleon McCallumNavy198320.2-1.40.049-0.60.9
10Raghib IsmailNotre Dame198920.1-1.60.023-0.70.9
2Chuck LongIowa198522.910.6251.80.8
1Danny WuerffelFlorida199622.60.70.5751.60.8
3Ryan LeafWashington State199721.6-0.20.3520.70.8
4Orlando PaceOhio State199621.2-0.60.2530.30.8
3Garrison HearstGeorgia1992220.20.420.90.8
10Anthony CarterMichigan198020.3-1.40.018-0.70.7
1Ty DetmerBrigham Young199023.21.30.67420.7
1Bo JacksonAuburn198523.11.20.6441.90.7
9Dwayne JarrettSouthern California200620.3-1.40.018-0.70.7
6Denard RobinsonMichigan201020.3-1.40.032-0.70.7
7Emmitt SmithFlorida198920.6-1.10.066-0.50.6
6Art SchlichterOhio State198020.7-10.083-0.40.6
7Kellen MooreBoise State200920.5-1.20.037-0.60.6
5Major HarrisWest Virginia198820.9-0.90.131-0.30.6
5Darren SprolesKansas State200320.5-1.20.06-0.50.6
4Randy MossMarshall199720.9-0.80.103-0.40.5
5Michael HartMichigan200620.7-10.08-0.50.5
4Marshall FaulkSan Diego State199320.8-0.90.105-0.40.5
4Drew BreesPurdue199921-0.80.133-0.20.5
6Matt LeinartSouthern California200320.6-1.10.056-0.60.5
4Kellen MooreBoise State201021.5-
7Darnell AutryNorthwestern199620.5-1.20.036-0.60.5
7Champ BaileyGeorgia199820.5-1.20.022-0.70.5
5Johnny ManzielTexas A&M201321.1-0.70.157-0.10.5
9Tim CouchKentucky199720.4-1.30.009-0.80.5
3Major HarrisWest Virginia198921.90.10.3320.60.5
8Terrell BuckleyFlorida State199120.6-1.10.046-0.60.5
4Lorenzo WhiteMichigan State198721.7-0.10.2840.40.5
6Michael VickVirginia Tech200020.5-1.20.035-0.60.5
4LaDainian TomlinsonTexas Christian200021.5-0.30.2370.20.4
4Bernie KosarMiami (FL)198421.1-0.60.132-0.20.4
6Byron HanspardTexas Tech199620.9-0.80.106-0.40.4
5Ken DorseyMiami (FL)200221.7-0.10.2640.30.4
5Ricky WilliamsTexas199720.6-1.10.027-0.70.4
4Chase DanielMissouri200721.2-0.50.161-0.10.4
4Montee BallWisconsin201121.1-0.70.132-0.20.4
4Andre WilliamsBoston College201321.3-0.40.175-0.10.4
3David PalmerAlabama199321.1-0.60.123-0.30.4
4Tim CouchKentucky199821.4-
8Peyton ManningTennessee199620.8-10.034-0.60.3
4Steve SlatonWest Virginia200621-0.70.081-0.50.3
1Jason WhiteOklahoma200323.51.60.6581.90.3
5Gordon LockbaumHoly Cross198621.1-0.60.102-0.40.3
9Reggie CollierSouthern Mississippi198120.6-1.10.014-0.70.3
1Carson PalmerSouthern California2002231.10.5461.50.3
2Toby GerhartStanford200922.80.90.4741.20.3
3Doug FlutieBoston College198321.2-0.60.12-0.30.3
2Anthony ThompsonIndiana198922.70.90.471.10.3
3Steve McnairAlcorn State199421.90.10.2760.30.3
3Cade McNownUCLA1998220.20.2770.40.2
2Heath ShulerTennessee1993220.
2Brad BanksIowa200222.70.80.451.10.2
4Marqise LeeSouthern California201221.1-0.60.077-0.50.2
3Jake PlummerArizona State1996220.20.2890.40.2
3Drew BreesPurdue2000220.10.2590.30.1
2Joe HamiltonGeorgia Tech199922.80.90.4310.1
4Kerry CollinsPenn State1994220.20.2690.30.1
7Jeff BlakeEast Carolina199121.1-0.70.051-0.60.1
8Drew BledsoeWashington State199220.9-0.90.021-0.70.1
5Justin BlackmonOklahoma State201021-0.80.04-0.60.1
3Brady QuinnNotre Dame200622.20.30.2960.40.1
4Brady QuinnNotre Dame200521.2-0.60.071-0.50.1
3Gordon LockbaumHoly Cross198722.10.30.2950.40.1
8Cade McNownUCLA199721-0.80.011-0.70
4Steve EmtmanWashington199121.7-0.10.161-0.10
9Warrick DunnFlorida State199521-0.80.012-0.70
5Jim McMahonBrigham Young198021.4-0.40.1-0.40
9Braxton MillerOhio State201321.1-0.70.034-0.60
4Trevone BoykinTexas Christian201421.4-0.40.082-0.50
9Aaron RodgersCalifornia200421.1-0.70.026-0.70
7J.J. StokesUCLA199321.2-0.50.055-0.60
2Rodney PeeteSouthern California198822.80.90.42510
2Paul PalmerTemple198622.20.40.2840.40
3Jim McMahonBrigham Young198122.40.50.3190.50
4Turner GillNebraska198321.4-0.40.09-0.40
8Kevin SmithCentral Florida200721-0.70.021-0.70
5Craig HeywardPittsburgh198721.3-0.50.076-0.50
6Jameis WinstonFlorida State201421-0.80.019-0.70
10Ka'Deem CareyArizona201321.2-0.60.026-0.7-0.1
6Matt BarkleySouthern California201121.3-0.40.058-0.6-0.1
2Don McPhersonSyracuse198722.70.90.3730.7-0.1
5Shane MatthewsFlorida199121.6-0.20.111-0.3-0.1
4Brian BosworthOklahoma198621.800.167-0.1-0.1
10Bobby HumphreyAlabama198721.2-0.50.028-0.7-0.1
4Mark HerrmannPurdue1980220.20.2140.1-0.1
5Michael CrabtreeTexas Tech200821.3-0.50.043-0.6-0.1
8Thomas JonesVirginia199921.4-0.40.061-0.5-0.1
6Herman MooreVirginia199021.2-0.60.031-0.7-0.1
8Bill FralicPittsburgh198321.2-0.60.031-0.7-0.1
1Eric CrouchNebraska200123.11.20.4391-0.2
9Dan MarinoPittsburgh198221.3-0.50.021-0.7-0.2
7Cornelius BennettAlabama198621.4-0.40.041-0.6-0.2
10Amos ZereoueWest Virginia199721.2-0.50.009-0.8-0.2
7Anthony CarterMichigan198121.3-0.50.019-0.7-0.2
3Robbie BoscoBrigham Young1984220.20.1830-0.2
10Calvin JohnsonGeorgia Tech200621.3-0.50.016-0.7-0.2
8D.J. DozierPenn State198621.3-0.50.032-0.7-0.2
10Chris SpielmanOhio State198621.2-0.50.025-0.7-0.2
10Eric ZeierGeorgia199321.3-0.40.036-0.6-0.2
10Rudi JohnsonAuburn200021.2-0.50.008-0.8-0.2
8Ian JohnsonBoise State200621.3-0.50.028-0.7-0.2
5Damien AndersonNorthwestern200021.5-0.30.042-0.6-0.3
7Greg LewisWashington199021.4-0.40.019-0.7-0.3
8Gaston GreenUCLA198721.4-0.40.033-0.7-0.3
3Matt LeinartSouthern California200522.60.80.2980.4-0.3
4Tony RiceNotre Dame198922.30.50.2450.2-0.3
10Rich DianaYale198121.3-0.40.01-0.7-0.3
2Michael BishopKansas State199822.60.80.3150.5-0.3
8Dak PrescottMississippi State201421.4-0.30.008-0.8-0.4
10Golden TateNotre Dame200921.4-0.40.008-0.8-0.4
7Thurman ThomasOklahoma State198721.6-0.20.044-0.6-0.4
3Colt McCoyTexas200923.31.40.4251-0.4
5Warrick DunnFlorida State1996220.20.144-0.2-0.4
5Art SchlichterOhio State198121.7-0.10.067-0.5-0.4
4Chris PerryMichigan2003220.20.152-0.2-0.4
9Lavar ArringtonPenn State199921.5-0.20.023-0.7-0.4
8Deion SandersFlorida State198821.4-0.40.01-0.7-0.4
7Tom RamseyUCLA198221.5-0.30.029-0.7-0.4
4Steve WalshMiami (FL)198822.10.30.159-0.1-0.4
10Beau MorganAir Force199621.4-0.40.011-0.7-0.4
5Reggie BrooksNotre Dame199221.90.10.126-0.3-0.4
5Curtis EnisPenn State199721.5-0.20.027-0.7-0.4
3Eric DickersonSouthern Methodist198222.
9Ken SimontonOregon State200021.6-0.20.01-0.7-0.5
7Santana MossMiami (FL)200021.6-0.20.023-0.7-0.5
5Terry HoageGeorgia198321.7-0.10.053-0.6-0.5
6Dee DowisAir Force1989000.068-0.5-0.5
7Greg AllenFlorida State198421.6-0.20.015-0.7-0.5
10Rueben MayesWashington State198421.6-0.20.013-0.7-0.5
10Shaun KingTulane199821.6-0.20.015-0.7-0.5
9Napoleon KaufmanWashington199421.6-0.20.011-0.7-0.5
7Tevin ColemanIndiana201421.7-0.10.016-0.7-0.6
9Walter LewisAlabama198321.7-0.10.026-0.7-0.6
8Craig EricksonMiami (FL)199021.6-0.20.014-0.7-0.6
8Chris BrownColorado200221.7-0.10.02-0.7-0.6
6Pat WhiteWest Virginia200721.800.057-0.6-0.6
8Nate DavisBall State200821.6-0.20.004-0.8-0.6
9Trent DilferFresno State199321.800.038-0.6-0.6
5David KlinglerHouston199021.90.10.057-0.6-0.6
3Eli ManningMississippi2003231.10.3160.5-0.6
4Ndamukong SuhNebraska2009231.10.3030.5-0.6
6Todd BlackledgePenn State198221.800.049-0.6-0.6
9Dwight FreeneySyracuse200121.90.10.024-0.7-0.7
8Tavon AustinWest Virginia201221.800.018-0.7-0.7
6Antwaan Randle ElIndiana200122.40.50.152-0.2-0.7
5David CarrFresno State200122.40.60.16-0.1-0.7
6Warren SappMiami (FL)1994220.20.081-0.5-0.7
10Mike RozierNebraska198221.800.018-0.7-0.7
5Donovan McNabbSyracuse199822.10.30.092-0.4-0.7
3Troy AikmanUCLA198822.91.10.2710.3-0.7
9Anthony ThompsonIndiana198821.7-0.10.01-0.7-0.7
8Marques TuiasosopoWashington200021.800.017-0.7-0.7
10Curt WarnerPenn State198221.800.018-0.7-0.7
9Ben RoethlisbergerMiami (OH)200321.800.021-0.7-0.7
7Neil LomaxPortland State198021.90.10.036-0.6-0.7
10Braylon EdwardsMichigan200421.90.10.024-0.7-0.7
8J.J. ArringtonCalifornia200421.90.10.044-0.6-0.7
5Vinny TestaverdeMiami (FL)198522.10.30.106-0.4-0.7
6Cedric BensonTexas2004220.20.072-0.5-0.7
5Tim TebowFlorida200922.40.50.145-0.2-0.7
4Shawn MooreVirginia199022.70.90.2110.1-0.8
3Larry JohnsonPenn State200223.11.20.2980.4-0.8
7Philip RiversNorth Carolina State200322.10.20.052-0.6-0.8
9Joe DudekPlymouth State198521.90.10.024-0.7-0.8
9Scooby WrightArizona2014000.008-0.8-0.8
9Glyn MilburnStanford199221.90.10.02-0.7-0.8
6Daunte CulpepperCentral Florida199821.90.10.027-0.7-0.8
7Chuck LongIowa198421.90.10.015-0.7-0.8
3Collin KleinKansas State201223.31.40.3340.6-0.8
8Allen PinkettNotre Dame198521.90.10.03-0.7-0.8
8Tyrone WheatleyMichigan199321.90.10.042-0.6-0.8
8Case KeenumHouston200921.90.10.014-0.7-0.8
10Julius PeppersNorth Carolina2001220.10.023-0.7-0.8
10Mike MayweatherArmy1990000.009-0.8-0.8
9Kenny EasleyUCLA1980220.10.023-0.7-0.8
6A.J. HawkOhio State2005220.20.011-0.7-0.9
10Quentin GriffinOklahoma2002220.20.012-0.7-0.9
8Tshimanga BiakabutukaMichigan199521.90.10.013-0.7-0.9
2Casey WeldonFlorida State199122.910.2270.1-0.9
10Javon RingerMichigan State200821.90.10.003-0.8-0.9
10Derrick ThomasAlabama1988220.20.009-0.8-0.9
10Brian McClureBowling Green State1985220.20.023-0.7-0.9
10Elvis DumervilLouisville200521.90.10.003-0.8-0.9
9Rey MaualugaSouthern California200821.90.10.003-0.8-0.9
6C.J. SpillerClemson200922.40.60.083-0.4-1
4Anthony CarterMichigan198222.30.40.064-0.5-1
8Bryant McKinnieMiami (FL)200122.30.40.066-0.5-1
7Shaun AlexanderAlabama199922.30.50.074-0.5-1
8Percy SnowMichigan State198922.20.30.033-0.7-1
9Ty DetmerBrigham Young198922.20.30.023-0.7-1
6Charlie WardFlorida State199222.20.40.054-0.6-1
6Bill FralicPittsburgh198422.20.30.033-0.7-1
6Chris SpielmanOhio State198722.20.40.049-0.6-1
9Jerry RiceMississippi Valley State198422.20.40.015-0.7-1.1
10Blair ThomasPenn State198922.20.40.023-0.7-1.1
7Napoleon McCallumNavy198522.20.40.031-0.7-1.1
6Peter WarrickFlorida State199922.50.70.088-0.4-1.1
8Kenneth SimsTexas198122.20.30.015-0.7-1.1
3Jim HarbaughMichigan1986231.10.1930-1.1
6Tony MandarichMichigan State198822.30.40.024-0.7-1.1
7Jordan LynchNorthern Illinois201222.20.40.019-0.7-1.1
3Robbie BoscoBrigham Young1985231.10.1960-1.1
7Timm RosenbachWashington State198822.20.40.021-0.7-1.1
5Jay BarkerAlabama199422.70.80.124-0.3-1.1
10LaMichael JamesOregon201122.20.40.018-0.7-1.1
9Marcus HarrisWyoming199622.20.40.022-0.7-1.1
7Eric ZeierGeorgia199422.30.50.035-0.6-1.1
2A.J. McCarronAlabama201323.31.40.2630.3-1.1
10Owen MarecicStanford201022.20.40.006-0.8-1.2
4Joey HarringtonOregon200123.21.30.2070.1-1.2
3Jordan LynchNorthern Illinois201323.21.30.2080.1-1.3
9Zach WiegertNebraska199422.40.50.011-0.7-1.3
8Kellen MooreBoise State201122.50.60.034-0.6-1.3
7Bryce PettyBaylor201322.60.70.047-0.6-1.3
5David RimingtonNebraska198222.60.70.062-0.5-1.3
9Glenn DorseyLouisiana State200722.40.60.011-0.7-1.3
7Tim DwightIowa199722.50.60.013-0.7-1.4
8Torry HoltNorth Carolina State199822.60.70.018-0.7-1.4
7Ryan MallettArkansas201022.60.70.015-0.7-1.4
7Michael BarrowMiami (FL)199222.70.80.027-0.7-1.5
7Matt RyanBoston College200722.60.80.024-0.7-1.5
5Kenneth DavisTexas Christian198422.70.80.036-0.6-1.5
8Derek CarrFresno State201322.80.90.04-0.6-1.5
10Boomer EsiasonMaryland198322.70.80.024-0.7-1.5
7Jeff HostetlerWest Virginia198322.70.80.034-0.6-1.5
6LeShon JohnsonNorthern Illinois1993231.10.074-0.5-1.6
7Jason CampbellAuburn2004231.10.063-0.5-1.6
7DeAngelo WilliamsMemphis200522.70.80.01-0.7-1.6
5Dennis DixonOregon2007231.10.067-0.5-1.6
8Drew OlsonUCLA200522.70.90.008-0.8-1.6
6Byron LeftwichMarshall2002231.10.062-0.5-1.6
9Jerome HarrisonWashington State200522.810.007-0.8-1.7
10Tim RattayLouisiana Tech199922.80.90.013-0.7-1.7
5Michael RobinsonPenn State200522.910.018-0.7-1.7
9Eric CurryAlabama199222.910.02-0.7-1.7
10Chris LongVirginia200722.80.90.006-0.8-1.7
10Bucky RichardsonTexas A&M199122.910.02-0.7-1.7
7Pat WhiteWest Virginia200822.810.007-0.8-1.7
3Jason WhiteOklahoma200424.52.50.370.7-1.8
5Glenn FoleyBoston College199323.21.30.076-0.5-1.8
6Jim EverettPurdue1985231.10.033-0.7-1.8
8Darren LewisTexas A&M1990231.10.014-0.7-1.8
6Darrin NelsonStanford1981231.10.022-0.7-1.8
6Colt BrennanHawaii200623.41.50.077-0.5-1.9
10B.J. SymonsTexas Tech200323.11.20.017-0.7-1.9
9Kevin SweeneyFresno State198623.11.20.031-0.7-1.9
9Joe GermaineOhio State199823.11.20.017-0.7-1.9
6Vaughn DunbarIndiana199123.31.40.078-0.5-1.9
9Mardy GilyardCincinnati200923.11.20.009-0.8-1.9
6Brent FullwoodAuburn198623.21.30.054-0.6-1.9
5Chad PenningtonMarshall199923.51.60.107-0.3-1.9
9Russell WilsonWisconsin201123.11.20.02-0.7-1.9
9Andy DaltonTexas Christian201023.21.30.011-0.7-2
8Colin KaepernickNevada201023.21.30.012-0.7-2
10Jarvis JonesGeorgia201223.21.30.015-0.7-2
8Tony EasonIllinois198223.21.30.027-0.7-2
6Shonn GreeneIowa200823.41.40.024-0.7-2.1
4Graham HarrellTexas Tech200823.61.70.079-0.5-2.1
10Bobby HoyingOhio State199523.31.40.011-0.7-2.1
3Colt BrennanHawaii200724.42.40.2390.2-2.2
9Kliff KingsburyTexas Tech200223.41.50.014-0.7-2.2
7Keyshawn JohnsonSouthern California199523.41.50.024-0.7-2.2
3Ty DetmerBrigham Young199124.22.20.2010-2.2
8Jarvis RedwineNebraska198023.61.70.034-0.6-2.3
7Jason GesserWashington State200223.61.70.03-0.7-2.3
10Bryce PettyBaylor201423.61.70.005-0.8-2.4
9Kenjon BarnerOregon201223.71.70.016-0.7-2.5
7Case KeenumHouston201123.91.90.046-0.6-2.5
1Chris WeinkeFlorida State200028.46.10.6822-4.1


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