The 2019 NASCAR DFS Daytona Speedweeks Package Is Here!


The 2019 NASCAR DFS season kicks off next week with Daytona Speedweeks. DraftKings is offering a huge $750,000 prize pool for the Daytona 500, and as in previous years, we expect DFS slates for The Clash and The Duels. To help you take advantage of the biggest NASCAR DFS contest ever, RotoDoc is back with a Daytona Speedweeks package for $29.

After that, the new 2019 rules package kicks off at Atlanta Motor Speedway, and RotoViz will be kicking off a site overhaul to give our readers and subscribers the best experience possible. As a result, starting with Atlanta we’ll be offering FREE NASCAR content to ensure a smooth site transition. During this free content period, we’ll update the NASCAR DFS apps and continue to produce the On the Daily NASCAR DFS podcast with RotoDoc and Matt Freedman.

As the season progresses, we’ll be developing new apps and content for fantasy NASCAR players, with a push to have subscription-based content and articles once again. This may include race-specific packages and rest-of-season content.

2019 NASCAR DFS Daytona Speedweeks Package

So what will the Daytona Speedweeks subscription look like?

The Clash

RotoDoc won the main GPP in 2016 and 2017, and this year he’s providing a detailed driver-by-driver breakdown article for The Clash. Doc will have a detailed statistical breakdown of Clash history, both on the track and in the fantasy realm, to help you optimize your lineups. He’ll also offer a large discussion on strategy and game theory for the Clash, which helped lift him to back-to-back GPP victories for this race.

The Duels

Doc will also have two articles, one article per Duel qualifying race. Strategy for the Duels is different from the Clash, so once again Doc will have a large strategy discussion and statistical breakdown of Duel races in the past.

He’ll provide a driver-by-driver breakdown, including which drivers are his preferred picks for cash games and GPPs.

The results of the Duel races will set the stage for the Daytona 500.

The Daytona 500

We’ll be going all-out for the Daytona 500. In addition to the On the Daily DFS podcast, Doc will also produce a daily RotoViz Live segment that lives behind the paywall every day of Speedweeks leading up to the Daytona 500.

Doc will have yet another driver-by-driver breakdown article of the 40-car field for the Daytona 500, something he’s never done before. He’ll also have a separate stats and strategy article, which will also include his Game Theory Optimal (GTO) DFS exposures for each starting position.

In the driver-by-driver breakdown article, we’ll also include the machine learning model projections and the driver ownership projections to help you gauge what the field is doing.

The NASCAR Sim Scores, Lineup Optimizer, and Splits Apps will all be updated after the starting lineup is set after The Duels.

In summation the 2019 Daytona Speedweeks package will include:

  • The Clash article
    • Driver-by-driver breakdown
      • Cash and GPP plays
    • Statistical breakdown of past races
    • Breakdown of past Clash DFS lineups
    • Strategy discussion
    • Driver-by-driver exposure advice
    • Advice from the 2016 and 2017 Clash winner
  • The Duels articles
    • Driver-by-driver breakdown
      • Cash and GPP plays
    • Statistical breakdown of past races
    • Strategy discussion
    • Driver-by-driver exposure advice
  • The Daytona 500
    • Stats and Strategy article
      • GTO exposures
    • Driver-by-driver article
      • Cash and GPP plays
      • Cash and GPP ranks
      • Machine learning model projections
      • Ownership projections
  • Daily RotoViz Live podcasts
  • NASCAR Apps
    • DFS Lineup Optimizer
    • Driver Similarity Scores
    • Splits App

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