If You’re Going to Lose Your Ass Betting the Super Bowl, Do it Betting the Picks from this Awesome App

6365366213_9c09b5b9f8_bThis is just for fun, but I coded up a quick similar games finder for purposes of looking at the Super Bowl point spread.  The app lets you do a few cool things.  First, you could look at matchups between any two teams from the 2012 season.  If you’re a bummed out Pats fan and you want to see what a point spread might have looked like if the Pats had made the game, you can look at NE vs. SF.  Also, the app will let you throw out parts of a team’s season.  Want to know what the spread would look like if we pretended that the 49ers only came into existence when Kaepernick started playing?  Just slide the slider to filter out the Alex Smith starts.  Or, if you want to see what the spread would be like if we only consider the Ravens recent hot streak, you can do that too.

The app will give you a projected score, along with the 30 similar games that it is relying on in making that scoring estimate.  In order to do this, it adjusts each team’s averages so that it can find similar matchups based on the new averages.

Play around, have fun… hell, call your bookie and make things interesting… live a little.

*RotoViz is not responsible for any illegal (or legal) bets that you might make.  That’s your problem, and it’s time you start taking responsibility for your own actions.

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