Our Daily Hoops App Forecast LeBron’s Hairline to Recede 3 Inches… It’s that Good

5576123092_077e5e8868_b If you’re the type of person who just rips open boxes, unwilling to read instructions, then you can check out the app at this dedicated page.  But if you’re the type of person who proceeds with caution, then I have some thoughts below on using the app.

  1. It probably works.  I haven’t even been playing daily hoops lately and I finished 9/110 in a game last night.  If you haven’t been paying attention, the app will probably make you an ok daily hoops player.  If you have been paying attention and you can incorporate the app’s value recommendations with your knowledge of the NBA, it’s probably going to make you pretty scary.
  2. Don’t be stupid.  Be sure to check injury information and make sure you have the pulse on playing time changes.  Playing time explains a huge amount of the variance in fantasy scoring in basketball.  I have other thoughts on how to make the app more useful in this regard, but those changes will have to come later.
  3. I like to look at the results that the app gives me, start looking at some lineup information, and then sort of tweak my lineup based on feel combined with the app’s recommendations.  A system that combines human intuition with an algorithmic prediction is going to beat systems that rely solely on one or the other.
  4. The app currently defaults to include only the most recent 50% of the NBA season.  You can adjust that if you want to.
  5. You can sort either by ValueRatio (predicted points/salary) or by projection.  Maybe you want to go stars and scrubs by getting a few high scorers like LeBron and Durant in there, along with some cheap value guys.
  6. You can explore playing time changes by selecting a “Focus Player” and then adjusting the projection based on a playing time range.  For instance, if I want to see what today’s projection would be for Tristan Thompson subject to forecasting only off of games where he played 35+ minutes, I can do that.
  7. The app uses an algorithm to create projections based on finding similar games (similar player versus similar defense), so it takes a second or two to update.  It’s running a process that would take minutes to perform in Excel, so the performance/time ratio is actually outstanding.

The daily games industry is exploding, so this is just the first of many apps I have planned to cover that part of the fantasy universe.

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