Sounding the Cowbell on a Dynasty Sleeper, Mississippi State’s Chad Bumphis
Photo via Morgan Harrison/Flickr
Photo via Morgan Harrison/Flickr

Mississippi State receiver Chad Bumphis has been in the news twice recently. First, he used social media to warn recruits about taking money on National Signing Day. Later, news broke that he got snubbed from the NFL combine, despite hauling in 12 receiving touchdowns this year. For perspective, consider the following:

· Cobi Hamilton, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Odell Beckham COMBINED to catch 12 touchdowns in 2012.

· Bumphis caught 8 TDs in eight SEC conference games this year. In 2010, AJ Green and Julio Jones COMBINED to catch 8 TDs in 13 SEC conference games.

Don’t be misled by the touchdown catches; Chad Bumphis is not a large man. At the East-West Shrine Game he measured at 5’11’’ 198lbs. We will compare him to two other medium sized, first-round receivers:

Jeremy Maclin–6’ 198lbs–Pick 19 of the 2009 NFL Draft—4.43 forty yard dash

Kendall Wright–5’11’’ 196lbs–Pick 20 of the 2012 NFL Draft—4.42 forty yard dash

Playing in the pass-happy Big 12, it’s natural that Maclin and Wright would get more targets. But, what did our guys do when they were targeted? Consider the yards/target graphs, which show Wright in the lead with Bumphis close behind.


Moving past their yards per target, let’s examine their market share of receiving yards. It’s good to see all three players gaining market share across their last two seasons. Once again, Wright leads the way with Bumphis in second.


Yardage totals are one thing, but the story gets interesting when it comes to finding the end zone.


Well looky here! Chad Bumphis, a.k.a. Mr Endzone, begins to reveal his true colors, while Wright and Maclin trail by a notable amount. But it’s not just that Bumphis held a greater market share of touchdowns, he was also more effective when working in the red zone. Note that both Bumphis and Wright perform phenomenally well with Bumphis nabbing an absurd 50% of his red zone targets to lead the way.


(NOTE: conclusion updated after Bumphis’ pro day)

Taking all of this into consideration, how is it that Chad Bumphis WAS NOT invited to the combine and is currently ranked the #46 wide receiver in the 2013 class? His size and performance are almost identical to guys drafted in the top 20 overall!

Although Bumphis’ pro day numbers graded out a fraction less explosive, he proved to be as agile as Maclin and Wright with a very strong 17 bench press reps; perfect for playing in the slot. Add it all up and you’ve got an outstanding player who seems destined to ‘come outta nowhere’ to make a splash in the NFL.

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