Knile Davis Comparables
Is Ben Tate a close match for Arkansas’ Knile Davis?

As a follow on to my post about Eddie Lacy in which I offered that I tend not to pay attention to Speed Scores for running backs because usage is so much more important, I thought I would post on Knile Davis, who has a ridiculous Speed Score.

The interesting thing about Davis is that CBS’ NFL Draft Scout has him projected as an undrafted free agent.  Given Davis’ 4.37 40 time, I think I can say what everyone is thinking: Al Davis would roll over in his grave if he knew that a sub 4.40 guy was going undrafted.  But perhaps due to a bit of bad luck (ankle injury, shitty last year at Arkansas) Davis really does look like he won’t be highly coveted among teams at draft time.  This made me infinitely more interested in him!  I’m only half kidding about that.

In any case, I decided to run some comparables for Davis using his 2010 season at Arkansas.  That might be cheating a little, and I would really regard it as cheating if we didn’t know that Davis can still run.  Since he posted his crazy 40 time though, I think we can say that it’s only partially cheating to generate his comp list using that 2010 season instead of the 2012 season.

Feel free to disagree, but I think the closest comp might be Ben Tate.  As I’ve said, I won’t really be paying attention to Davis at all unless I think he’s going to end up in a situation where he’ll be used, so this exercise is really just for fun.

Player Wt 40 Time Year School Att/G Yds/G Avg TD/G Rec/G RecYDS/G
Knile Davis 227 4.37 2012 Arkansas 15.69 101.69 6.48 1.00 1.46 10.46
Player Wt 40 Time Year School Att/G Yds/G Avg TD/G Rec/G RecYDS/G
Roy Helu Jr. 219 4.40 2010 Nebraska 13.43 88.93 6.62 0.79 0.36 3.29
Rashard Mendenhall 225 4.41 2007 Illinois 20.15 129.31 6.42 1.31 2.62 24.46
Ben Tate 220 4.34 2009 Auburn 20.23 104.77 5.18 0.77 1.54 8.08
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