RotoViz is Hiring Contributors… Sort Of!


If you clicked on this link because you saw “hiring,” I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that we actually are paying contributors.  The bad news (not really bad actually) is that this is entirely a situation where there is an opportunity as large as you’re willing to make out of it.

Get Money Y’all

The economic side of our arrangement with contributors is pretty simple.  We charge our subscribers a fee to read the stuff that our writers write.  If we’re doing that, then we should be sharing that subscription fee with the writers.  This is actually already happening.  We’ve been lucky to sign up subscribers even in the infancy of the site, and we’ve already shared revenue with writers.  We want to provide incentive for the kind of fantasy writing that people want to read.

Why is RotoViz a Unique Value Proposition?

The idea behind RotoViz is that if you combine intelligent articles with apps that make it possible to provide coverage down to the very last player on a fantasy roster, you’ll have a winning combination.  The apps currently on the site are already one of a kind, and we have a lot of planned improvements in store in the coming months.

What Kind of Writers are We Looking For?

In a nutshell we’re looking for people who know something that nobody else knows.  You may have noticed that a good amount of the content here has focuses on ideas that might seem contrarian.  This is because in the neverending search for an edge in fantasy sports, you’re forced to look under more and more rocks.  So ideally we want our writers to be people who are accustomed to looking under those rocks.  An intuitive understanding of statistics and more importantly, the difference between predictive statistics and mere trivia, is also helpful.  We like to read stuff written by people accustomed to thinking critically.  Pulitzer Prize awards are also a plus.

Some other requirements:

  • IQ above 80
  • Must have an intense dislike of Thomas Jones
  • Bad beat fantasy story involving Brian Westbrook a plus
  • Must have access to email address
  • Jamarcus Russell fat jokes also a plus
  • Must know difference between risk/uncertainty
  • Must have seen the series The Wire

To be more serious, we would love to talk to anyone with a math background, poker background, history of sports betting, or even a prolific fantasy football record.  As a friend once said, fantasy football is gambling for p*ssies.  So we think a gambler’s mind is perfect for what we’re doing.

For now we’re just looking for football writers, but by next basketball season we’ll be looking for writers to cover the NBA, and then our plan is also to be ready to cover fantasy baseball by the 2014 season.

If you’re interested in contributing, please drop me a note at fantasydouche – at – gmail – dot –com.  If you have any writing samples, those might also be helpful.  If you don’t have a writing sample, feel free to write something related to an article or app already on the site.  This will work even if you think we’re full of shit.

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