The Latest Daily Hoops App – The Backup Explorer
Wizards v/s Clippers 03/12/11
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This app might need a catchier name, but what it lacks in marketing genius it makes up for in usability.

One of the things that’s useful to do when you’re searching for daily hoops bargains is to look at the players that will be out that night and then find their backup.  But sometimes it’s not as simple as finding the other center on the team when the starting center goes out.  In order to make quick work of the exercise we need to do, we can use a correlation matrix in order to find out which player’s fantasy scoring goes up, when the player that is going to be out has their fantasy scoring go down.

The app can be found at this page and it has three primary functions.

  1. The app contains the current injury report.  So you can look at today’s games or future games and see which players might be questionable.
  2. Once you find a player that is questionable, put his name in the first drop down selection tool.  Use the app and put in Chris Paul’s name even though he’s not currently on the injury report.  Then you can look at the correlation tab and you’ll see which players are the most negatively correlated with your subject player.
  3. Since Chris Paul is the player we’re looking at, we see that the two players most negatively correlated with Paul’s fantasy points are Grant Hill and Eric Bledsoe.  Grant Hill isn’t a fantasy relevant player, so let’s look at Eric Bledsoe.  If we put Bledsoe’s name in the second dropdown selection box, we can click on the “Correlation Graph” tab and get an expectation for Bledsoe’s fantasy points when Paul is out of the lineup.  To do this we just look at the point where the blue trendline crosses the Y axis.  When Paul is in the lineup, Bledsoe scores under 20 fantasy points per game.  But when Paul is out of the lineup we can see that Bledsoe averages almost 30 points.

I’ve chosen an extremely obvious pairing of Paul and Bledsoe to illustrate usage of the app, but hopefully that makes it clear as to how the app can help you look for bargains while making your daily hoops lineup decisions.

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