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Comparing the Rams Pass Catchers Using the Heatmap


The new heatmap feature of the College Career Graphs app lets us make quick comparisons between a group of players. I thought it would be interesting to look at the Rams’ pass catchers through the lens of their college stats given that they’re a group long on potential and short on actual NFL accomplishments. I’m even including the Rams’ TEs in this analysis just because, why not?

The heatmap is shown below and if you’re interested, you can use the app to make one for any group of players you want to compare.

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Notes: *msYDS = Player Receiving Yards/Team Passing Yards, msTD is like msYDS but for touchdowns, YPT = Yards/Target, TRGS = Total Targets on the Season, RZTDR = Red Zone Touchdowns/Red Zone TargetsSome thoughts:

  • The last two seasons for Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey fit into the high usage category. They were productive on the opportunities they received, but they also received a lot of opportunities.
  • Brian Quick’s numbers at App. St. probably translate somehow to BCS conference numbers, I’m just not sure how. But note that Quick’s 39% market share of yards and 58% market share of TDs in his final season are the biggest rivals on the heatmap to Stedman Bailey’s numbers
  • Lance Kendricks was actually a little more productive at Wisconsin than Jared Cook was at South Carolina. Both have NFL resumes that we can look at, although Cook’s has been long on potential and short on accomplishments while Kendricks’ has actually been in the same boat. Kendricks was actually very efficient last year on the targets he did see, he just didn’t see very many. In fact, Kendricks was more efficient than Jared Cook was. When you add that to Kendricks’ more impressive college resume, it is interesting that the Rams paid Cook in the offseason.
  • Am I the only one going: Hey, what about Chris Givens? Probably not. But Givens’ 40% share of Wake’s yards in his last season there is actually the high watermark and if he hadn’t been bad in the red zone, he would have had a good market share number across yards and touchdowns.
  • I’m still amazed at Stedman Bailey’s yards/target number of over 11 across a sample of more than 200 targets. This is a player that we know is slower, we know that defenses know he was getting the ball, and he was highly efficient anyway.
  • The Rams will eventually need someone to catch touchdowns in the red zone. I actually think that’s going to be Brian Quick based not so much on what’s here as it is based on his size and the way that they threw it up to him a few times last year. His college RZTDR of .31 isn’t awful, but it also isn’t something you would write home about.
  • I don’t really like the way that the Rams’ receivers have taken shape because I think it’s really hard to know which one to own. Given that a few of them were somewhat similar even before they got to the league, I’m not sure it’s any clearer after this analysis.

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