A New App to Let You Check Efficiency for Quarterback/Receiver Combos


I’m always interested in the interaction between quarterbacks and receivers and often pore through stats on my own to see which QBs and receivers are the most efficient. It was easy enough to put together an app that will let you do the same thing going back to the 2000 season. In this case I’m using Adjusted Yards/Attempt as the simple efficiency stat in the app because it’s easy to calculate and it’s correlated with winning football games.

You can use this app to discover things like the fact that Tom Brady’s efficiency throwing to Wes Welker in 2012 was the lowest it had been going back to the season that Welker was returning from ACL reconstruction. Or that Peyton Manning’s AYA throwing to Reggie Wayne in 2009 and 2010 had dipped well below their average in previous years and it’s probably reasonable to credit some of Peyton’s resurgence last year to his new young receivers.

Go ahead and play with some QB names in the app below and also filter by season as well. Hope you enjoy this one.

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