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Jared Cook, Tyler Eifert, and Pass Target Distribution by Position for All 32 Teams


I find myself always wanting to go back and look at how much each team targeted a specific position so I was pulling that information together today when I decided that it might be good to get it up on the site for everyone to be able to look at. The table below is from 2012 and breaks pass targets up by the percent share to RB, TE, and WR.

A few thoughts and then you can check out the table on your own.

  • CIN and STL weren’t really at the top of the league in tight end targets even though both Bradford and Dalton were at their most efficient when throwing to Kendricks and Gresham (the efficiency information isn’t in the table). Now each team has added a TE, will presumably be running the same offense, and I’m not sure if either team has enough TE targets to support two guys. I’m also not 100% confident that either Jared Cook or Tyler Eifert are actually better than Kendricks or Gresham.
  • ARI’s distribution last year was pretty close to IND’s so it doesn’t seem like a big change in distribution of targets would be in order with Bruce Arians coming to town. Also the ARI personnel fits a WR-heavy pass game.
  • MIA’s targets went to either RB or WR last year and their personnel has only probably changed slightly this year with Dustin Keller coming to town. I am really curious as to how much Lamar Miller will be involved in the pass game.
  • DET’s tight ends aren’t anything to write home about and yet the Lions looked for the tight ends on a pretty regular basis. It will be interesting to see if Ryan Broyles or one of the other young guys can swing that back to WR.
  • KC’s mix is likley skewed by McCluster’s classification as an RB
  • MIN threw to TEs a lot last year and while the data isn’t in this table, a lot of those passes were wasted. MIN should target Kyle Rudolph in the red zone primarily because outside of the red zone he requires a lot of targets to return very many yards. Maybe with the addition of Cordarrelle Patterson and Greg Jennings MIN can get the ball in the hands of guys who can do more than pick up 5 yards at a time. Maybe. That’s actually to be determined.
  • It’s interesting to note how balanced ATL, BAL and SEA were in target distribution.
  • Shawn Siegele has pointed out how the low amount of passing to RBs for WAS last year was out of character for a Shanahan offense. Look for that number to rebound this year.

Pass Target Share by Position

ARI .13 .19 .68
ATL .22 .22 .56
BAL .22 .23 .55
BUF .22 .15 .63
CAR .17 .24 .6
CHI .17 .13 .7
CIN .11 .2 .69
CLE .21 .25 .54
DAL .17 .26 .57
DEN .14 .26 .6
DET .2 .29 .51
GB .13 .21 .66
HOU .14 .34 .52
IND .08 .19 .72
JAC .15 .15 .7
KC .39 .14 .47
MIA .26 .14 .6
MIN .17 .25 .58
NE .13 .29 .58
NO .3 .23 .47
NYG .14 .19 .67
NYJ .17 .22 .61
OAK .26 .2 .54
PHI .17 .22 .62
PIT .2 .21 .6
SD .31 .23 .46
SEA .19 .22 .59
SF .15 .25 .6
STL .18 .15 .67
TB .2 .19 .61
TEN .12 .22 .66
WAS .13 .17 .71

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