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Matthew Stafford, Maeby Funke, and Quarterback Age


[Mort takes Maeby’s book report thinking it’s a movie treatment]
Mort Meyers: What’s this? So, you’re this Funke everyone’s been talking about. You can’t be more than what? Fifteen?
Mae “Maeby” Fünke: [laughing] Marry me!

So by now you probably know the RotoViz Dynasty startup is in full swing. My dynasty squads tend to be extremely youth-oriented, perhaps to the point of detriment. Most of us have a pretty good idea of when individuals came into the league, but sometimes their ages at arrival are pretty surprising. When guys are far younger or far older than perception, it does impact their potential upsides and the likely number of years they’ll be available to your squad.

Don’t overreact to his information. It’s just a small but interesting piece of the overall evaluative framework.

Most of the players I’ve paired together are of similar ages. In each case, I would have guessed one player was significantly younger/older than the other. (Ages are of Sept. 1 this year.)

QB Age and Dynasty Value

Matthew Stafford (25) is younger than Colin Kaepernick (25), Sam Bradford (25), and Andy Dalton (26). That means he was also younger than most of his peers when he lit the world on fire his final year at Georgia. Stafford is going to be overvalued in redraft this season, but he’s a screaming bargain in many dynasty formats.

Josh Freeman (25) is also younger than those guys and is only a handful of months older than Ryan Tannehill (25) and Jake Locker (25). Freeman and Locker face make-or-break seasons, but the pressure should be on Tannehill as well.

Alex Smith (29) is younger than Brandon Weeden (29). Many people know this intellectually but may not be processing what that means in terms of their respective upsides. Smith is going to throw more in 2013 than most are projecting. His historical comps are spectacular, making him excellent value as the second member of your QBBC. He’s a sleeper in both redraft and dynasty.

Jay Cutler (30) is only 6 months older than Weeden. He’s just entering the age where Tom Brady became a fantasy juggernaut for the first time, and Cutler already has a 4,500 yard season on his resume.

Matt Schaub (32) is younger than Eli Manning (32). I absolutely love Schaub this season. He’s due for a huge post-post-post-hype breakback campaign.

Veteran QBs often come at a serious discount – try my Stealth Star QB articles on Ben Roethlisberger or Joe Flacco for a full discussion of why – but age is still an underrated factor in putting together your dynasty team at the quarterback position. Although you may not anticipate your league lasting for 15 years, dynasty leagues are just like redraft formats at the QB position. You want to invest as little draft capital as possible. Even though Aaron Rodgers is only 29, the aforementioned Stafford and Robert Griffin III (23) should be ranked 1 and 2 in dynasty formats.

To see which of these passers are due for a big season in 2013, try the RotoViz QB Simulator.

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For the Dynasty insights of RotoViz contributor and PFF Dynasty guru Bryan Fontaine, check out the PFF Rankings.

 Shawn Siegele is the creator of the contrarian sports website Money in the Banana Stand and Lead Redraft Writer for Pro Football Focus Fantasy.

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