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We have a good amount of discussion here on the site as to optimal strategy for fantasy football. Last week I introduced an app that would let you optimize an auction league lineup. But the majority of fantasy leagues still utilize a snake draft, so I wanted to come up with a tool that would also help you optimize a team for your snake draft leagues.

The key part of the previous paragraph is “help” – the app below is a tool that you can use to test various draft strategies and lineup combinations using your own intuition. It relies on Fantasy Pros composite projections for scoring just because that’s a really quick way to get an accurate picture of scoring for a very large player universe.  RotoViz might disagree mildly with some of the projections but there’s an easy way to fix that (described below). Here’s a quick “how-to” on using the app:

  • Tell the app how many of each position you want to draft. The app is going to optimize for all of your players rather than starting lineup only.
  • Tell the app your desired confidence interval for ADP. For instance, Adrian Peterson sometimes falls to the 2 spot in drafts. But if you use a 75% confidence interval, you’ll only be able to take him with the 1st overall pick. Some players have a good amount of variance in their ADP. Setting the confidence interval higher will mean that it will only give you the player at a spot that you’re likely to get them. The app defaults to 75% confident.
  • Put in your league’s scoring settings.
  • Tell the app how many teams are in your league and which spot you’re drafting from.
  • Add players that you want to pre-select and also players you want to avoid. I want to get Mike Williams in most drafts and I want to avoid Percy Harvin, so I can add their names to the box and it will add their names to the list of constraints.
  • That’s all. Just play around with the app, get new draft ideas and discover new ways that your team could be built.
  • The app will throw an error if you exceed the constraints that are built in. You won’t be able to select two players that are going in the first round. Primarily this will only matter when you start pre-selecting players.
  • [edit: the app has now been updated to account for additional flex spots and TE bonus PPR scoring. This will give you quick/easy calculations on scoring but will be largely blind to the way that ADP will be changed. We’ll see if there’s any way to address that ADP issue going forward.]

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