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Wisdom of the Sharks and the Fanduel Shark App


Fanduel is one site that allows you to see the entire rosters entered in the Thursday GPPs, which is one way to double check your thinking vs. the top players in DFS. I’m always trying to look for sources of information that will give me a clue as to whether or not I’ve considered all of the good alternatives, so I really like the ability to see the other rosters entered in the Thursday GPPs.

The table below shows the percent ownership among Fanduel entrants that I’m calling the Sharks, or Fanduel managers that are among the top 400 in NFL wins.

Player Salary Pos % Shark Owned
Carolina Panthers 6000 D 41%
Julian Edelman 5500 WR 31%
DeSean Jackson 6900 WR 28%
Keenan Allen 7000 WR 25%
Torrey Smith 6000 WR 25%
Eric Decker 7800 WR 24%
Seattle Seahawks 5700 D 24%
Calvin Johnson 9900 WR 23%
Shane Vereen 7600 RB 23%
Kirk Cousins 5100 QB 22%
Peyton Manning 11800 QB 20%
DeMarco Murray 8000 RB 18%
Matt Forte 8600 RB 18%
Demaryius Thomas 8900 WR 17%
Dan Bailey 5000 K 16%
Antonio Gates 4700 TE 15%
Garrett Hartley 5000 K 15%
Tony Gonzalez 5300 TE 15%
Delanie Walker 4800 TE 14%
Alfred Morris 6400 RB 13%
Montee Ball 5300 RB 13%
Roddy White 6200 WR 13%
Adam Vinatieri 5200 K 11%
Alshon Jeffery 7800 WR 11%
Chris Ogbonnaya 4500 RB 11%
Jamaal Charles 10300 RB 11%
Philip Rivers 8700 QB 11%
Steven Jackson 6300 RB 11%
Graham Gano 5100 K 10%
Jacob Tamme 4500 TE 10%
Josh Gordon 9900 WR 10%
Julius Thomas 6700 TE 10%
Pierre Garcon 6800 WR 10%
David Akers 5000 K 9%
Dez Bryant 8700 WR 9%
Jimmy Graham 8200 TE 9%
Matt Ryan 7500 QB 9%
Zac Stacy 6700 RB 9%
C.J. Spiller 5900 RB 8%
Danny Woodhead 6600 RB 8%
LeSean McCoy 10400 RB 8%
Nick Foles 9200 QB 8%
Riley Cooper 5800 WR 8%
Eddie Lacy 7200 RB 7%
Knowshon Moreno 8500 RB 7%
Matt Bryant 5000 K 7%
Steven Hauschka 5300 K 7%
Antonio Brown 8000 WR 6%
Cordarrelle Patterson 5600 WR 6%
Dennis Pitta 5700 TE 6%
Jacksonville Jaguars 5100 D 6%
Jordan Cameron 6300 TE 6%
Jordy Nelson 6300 WR 6%
Kansas City Chiefs 6500 D 6%
Matt Prater 5500 K 6%
Steve Johnson 4900 WR 6%
Ben Tate 6800 RB 5%
Buffalo Bills 5300 D 5%
Dwayne Bowe 5400 WR 5%
Giovani Bernard 6700 RB 5%
Golden Tate 5000 WR 5%
Harry Douglas 5800 WR 5%
Indianapolis Colts 5000 D 5%
Jay Cutler 7100 QB 5%
Justin Tucker 5300 K 5%
Marques Colston 5700 WR 5%
T.Y. Hilton 5300 WR 5%
Andre Ellington 5600 RB 3%
Cam Newton 9300 QB 3%
Cecil Shorts 5500 WR 3%
Chad Henne 5900 QB 3%
Darren Sproles 5000 RB 3%
Frank Gore 6400 RB 3%
Jason Campbell 7200 QB 3%
Mason Crosby 5100 K 3%
Matthew Stafford 9300 QB 3%
Ryan Succop 5000 K 3%
Andre Johnson 8300 WR 2%
Anquan Boldin 6100 WR 2%
  • Out of the Thursday night plays, only Keenan Allen really delivered any value and his was essentially fluky. In yardage terms Allen didn’t produce any more than he did the first time the Chargers and Broncos met. The rest of the Thur night Shark plays were pretty well busts. Ryan Mathews was the best player to own and he was just 1% owned.
  • DeSean Jackson and the Eagles offense will see a pretty pathetic Vikings defense, although I think the worry would be that the Eagles get up early and then you see a bunch of LeSean McCoy. I guess we are talking about the team that put up 37 touchdowns on the Raiders.
  • Torrey Smith appeared in my Thursday DFS article so I’m a little glad to see him highly Shark owned. His price just offers a lot of value.
  • I wasn’t really thinking a lot about Kirk Cousins which now seems illogical to me in hindsight (and is the whole reason I go through this exercise – to test my own thinking). It was illogical to not like Cousins because I did like Garcon. At $5100, I’ll probably get Cousins into a good number of Sunday lineups now.
  • There are enough value options at other positions that I think you’ll be able to spend at TE this week. But given that fact, the ordering of the top TEs is a little screwy to me. It goes Gates, Gonzo and then Walker. In my mind I think you either go cheap with Walker in a good matchup, or you spend for Jimmy Graham (or maybe Jordan Cameron).
  • The Dominator apps like Forte this week and it looks like the Sharks do too.
  • You can use the app below to test out some Shark inspired lineups. The app will optimize for percent Shark owned, rather than any kind of point projection. If you want some GPP friendly lineup ideas you can restrict the percent owned number so that you don’t end up with guys who are highly owned.

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