Johnny Manziel and the 2014 NFL Draft Prospect Age Project
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Welcome to the 2014 NFL Draft Prospect Age Project!

One of the most important, but frequently ignored, aspects of NFL Draft and Dynasty Fantasy Football prospect evaluation is age. Think about it for a second, if you have two prospects who have similar production and measurables, but one will be a 21 year old rookie, while the other will be 23, which would you rather have?  The 21 year old, right?  We’ve written a handful of articles that have set the stage for this debate.

Tyler Wilson and the Curse of the “Old” Quarterback

Further to the issue of age and QB prospects

Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers Hate my Old QB Theory

The Impact of Age on Rookie Wide Receivers

Further to the Impact of Age on Rookie WRs

Shawn Siegele’s series on QuarterbackRBWR and TE ages in the pros

As the NFL season winds down and you turn your attention to the 2014 NFL Draft, you should reference this article often when comparing prospects.  After all, age DOES matter.

The following GoogleDoc contains my research on prospect ages for fantasy-relevant positions in the 2014 NFL Draft.  Not all of these players have declared for the Draft, but I’ve tried to include as many notable names as possible, even if they end up being in the 2015 NFL Draft.  Almost all of these are taken from official college websites, but a few were found by other means. In the NFL, player ages are expressed as whole numbers and are based on the players age on the last day of that season-year (Dec. 31).  Below I’ve carried them out to one decimal, but typically age is just expressed, for example, as “21” instead of “21.4”.  If you have new information to add, see an error, or want me to include additional prospects, please contact me via Twitter @TheCFX.  Enjoy!

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