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Oops. Correction to the College WR Career Graphs App

Just a quick note that after Shawn Siegele alerted me to some errors on the College WR Career Graph app, I went digging through the code that produces the data and I did find an error.

If you care (you probably don’t) the error was related to the way that per game receiving numbers are added together to arrive at season long market share numbers. I don’t like to use PLAYER SEASON YARDS/TEAM SEASON YARDS because it penalizes players that miss games. I also don’t like to use an average of game market share numbers because it would skew the numbers potentially toward a game where a player caught 60% of a small number of yards, but in other games caught a smaller percent of a larger number of yards. So the formula that I use requires a few intermediate steps before it gets to market share and I had an error on one of the intermediate steps. However, for what it’s worth, the error was of the type that some players might not have even changed very much at all.

Like I said, you really probably don’t care. The app should be correct now. Apologies.

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