Fun Friday: Pick These Tournament Games Against the Spread, Win a Free RotoViz Annual Pass


We always like to have a little fun on the site so I thought this would be a great way to give away a free season pass. We’re going to give away a free pass to the person that can get the most picks against the spread right. The point spreads we’re using are listed in the table below.

But there are a couple of wrinkles. First, you can pick as many or as few games as you want. BUT, we’re going to subtract 1.25 points for every game you get wrong. So get a pick right, that’s plus 1. Get one wrong and that’s minus 1.25. Hopefully that’s simple enough.

To make your picks just do it in the comments below this post and simply list the teams you’re taking separated by a comma. So your picks should look like this: Mercer, Baylor, Stanford, etc. On Saturday I’ll go through and score the entries. We’ll give out a free pass to anyone who is tied for first.

12:15 PM EST Spread
Mercer 12.5
Duke -12.5
12:40 PM EST Spread
Nebraska 3.5
Baylor -3.5
1:40 PM EST Spread
Stanford 3
New Mexico -3
2:10 PM EST Spread
Weber State 20
Arizona -20
2:45 PM EST Spread
Tennessee -4
U Mass 4
3:10 PM EST Spread
LA Lafayette 14
Creighton -14
4:10 PM EST Spread
E Kentucky 14
Kansas -14
4:40 PM EST Spread
Oklahoma St -3
Gonzaga 3
6:55 PM EST Spread
Geo Wshgtn 3
Memphis -3
7:00 PM EST Spread
Towson -3
E Tenn St 3
7:10 PM EST Spread
Cal Poly 16
Wichita St -16
7:20 PM EST Spread
Providence 4
N Carolina -4
7:27 PM EST Spread
Ste F Austin 6.5
VCU -6.5
9:25 PM EST Spread
Coastal Car 21.5
Virginia -21.5
9:30 PM EST Spread
Rob Morris 9
Belmont -9
9:40 PM EST Spread
Kansas St 6.5
Kentucky -6.5
9:50 PM EST Spread
NC Central 8
Iowa State -8
9:57 PM EST Spread
Tulsa 8.5
UCLA -8.5
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