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Kevin Kasper, Brian Hartline and the Scrappy Jared Abbrederis Comparables


First off, I’m totally effing with you because Brian Hartline isn’t actually included in the Jared Abbrederis comparable set (see below). But any time you have a chance to make a race based comparison I think you have to do it, right? Oh, and Kevin Kasper actually actually does appear in the comparable set, so I’m not effing with you on that count. Although to be fair, most of Abbrederis’ comps are not actually of the type that would be immediately called scrappy by NFL announcing crews.

For purposes of running this similarity search I assumed that Abbrederis would be picked somewhere in the early 3rd round area of the draft. The interesting thing is that the comps that came back had an average pick of 116, which in some sense is probably an indicator that players with Abbrederis’ measurables are going to be more realistically found at the end of the 3rd or beginning of the 4th. None of Calvin Johnson, Josh Gordon, or Dez Bryant appear on the comp list either, in case you were wondering.

There have been a few guys that in the comp list that have been serviceable NFL starters, so the outlook isn’t horrible for Abbrederis. But he also isn’t the kind of player I want to draft. He’ll turn 24 during the 2014 season. He’s probably smaller than I typically want to own for a player that isn’t a real burner.

JARED ABBREDERIS 2013 90.0 23.1 195.0 4.50 90.08 0.58 11.00 0.37
DAMIAN WILLIAMS 2009 77.0 21.6 197.0 4.52 84.17 0.50 12.00 0.36
CHRIS GIVENS 2011 96.0 22.1 198.0 4.41 102.31 0.69 11.00 0.36
LAVON BRAZILL 2011 206.0 22.8 192.0 4.48 82.14 0.79 9.00 0.35
DAVID REED 2009 156.0 22.8 191.0 4.56 91.38 0.38 7.00 0.34
KENNETH MOORE 2007 136.0 22.9 195.0 4.47 77.77 0.38 5.00 0.31
DEVIER POSEY 2011 68.0 22.9 211.0 4.50 54.00 0.67 9.00 0.38
EMMANUEL SANDERS 2009 82.0 22.8 186.0 4.40 103.00 0.54 16.00 0.34
JAMES JONES 2006 78.0 22.8 207.0 4.54 74.42 0.83 7.00 0.38
MARKUS WHEATON 2012 79.0 21.9 189.0 4.45 95.69 0.85 10.00 0.35
KEVIN KASPER 2000 190.0 22.9 199.0 4.42 84.17 0.58 2.00 0.36
Average 116.8 22.5 196.5 4.47 84.90 0.62 8.80 0.35


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