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The Giovani Bernard Award for Excellence in Receiving Potential Goes to…


Following on the heels of the Tomlinson Award for Excellence in Touchdown Scoring Potential it’s only fair to follow up with an award for RBs that sit at the other end of the PPR scoring potential – the pass catchers. This award is named after Gio Bernard, who is both the highest scorer on the model, and intuitively also seems to have the most potential among prospects in the recent past. In his last season at UNC, Bernard caught just under 5 passes per game. That’s great and combined with his excellent 3 Cone drill makes him the highest scorer in my model. The inputs to the model are actually just those two variables. I tried various other inputs and they didn’t improve the fit at all. In draft models the lack of complete data on each prospect makes selecting the very most simple model an advantage because it means that you’ll be able to create projections for the most players.

This year’s award goes to David Fluellen, the relatively large, very slow, but also really agile RB from Toledo. Fluellen caught 3 passes per game last year at Toledo and then mixes that with a 3 Cone time of under 7 seconds. He ends up narrowly edging Charles Sims, and both are ahead of Bishop Sankey who still makes a medal stand appearance for the award. The table below shows standardized scores for prospects in the recent past where all of the required variables were available. You can sort it by score in order to compare this year’s prospects against previous year’s prospects.

DAVID FLUELLENToledo20143.006.9077
CHARLES SIMSWest Virginia20143.757.1676
BISHOP SANKEYWashington20142.156.7571
JAMES WHITEWisconsin20143.007.0570
ANTONIO ANDREWSWestern Kentucky20143.427.2468
TIM CORNETTNevada-Las Vegas20142.317.0162
DARRIN REAVESAlabama-Birmingham20142.427.0761
LADARIUS PERKINSMississippi State20142.257.0858
KADEEM CAREYArizona20142.177.0857
TYLER GAFFNEYStanford20141.076.7855
ANTHONY LACOSTEAir Force2014-6.6247
DEVONTA FREEMANFlorida State20141.507.1147
GLASCO MARTINBaylor20140.106.8439
LACHE SEASTRUNKBaylor2014-6.8139
DAVID OKUArkansas State20141.457.2938
HENRY JOSEYMissouri20140.717.0737
JAMES WILDERFlorida State20140.236.9237
GEORGE ATKINSON IIINotre Dame20140.587.0736
DAMIEN WILLIAMSOklahoma20141.007.3728
ANDRE WILLIAMSBoston College2014-7.2719
JEROME SMITHSyracuse20140.627.5316
GIOVANI BERNARDNorth Carolina20134.706.91100
LEVEON BELLMichigan State20132.466.7576
LATAVIUS MURRAYCentral Florida20132.456.8173
KERWYNN WILLIAMSUtah State20133.467.1572
THEO RIDDICKNotre Dame20132.776.9970
MIKE JAMESMiami (FL)20132.506.9368
STEPFAN TAYLORStanford20132.937.1366
JOSEPH RANDLEOklahoma State20132.157.0160
KENJON BARNEROregon20131.546.8758
REX BURKHEADNebraska20131.386.8556
ZAC STACYVanderbilt20130.776.7054
CHRISTINE MICHAELTexas A&M20130.736.6954
MICHAEL COXMassachusetts20131.086.8751
SPENCER WARELouisiana State20131.647.0750
KNILE DAVISArkansas20131.106.9648
MONTEE BALLWisconsin20130.716.8846
MIKE GILLISLEEFlorida20131.237.1242
JAWAN JAMISONRutgers20132.157.4740
EDDIE LACYAlabama20131.577.3338
CHRIS RAINEYFlorida20122.586.5088
ISAIAH PEADCincinnati20122.856.9572
DOUG MARTINBoise State20122.336.7972
CYRUS GRAYTexas A&M20122.827.1762
LAMAR MILLERMiami (FL)20121.426.9453
VICK BALLARDMississippi State20121.547.0351
DAVID WILSONVirginia Tech20121.577.0948
DAN HERRONOhio State20121.146.9748
ALFRED MORRISFlorida Atlantic20121.257.0147
BRYCE BROWNKansas State20121.007.0443
ROBERT TURBINUtah State20121.317.1642
BERNARD PIERCETemple20120.257.0731
TERRANCE GANAWAYBaylor20120.467.1530
MICHAEL SMITHUtah State20121.237.5125
EDWIN BAKERMichigan State20120.367.2724
DEMARCO MURRAYOklahoma20115.077.2889
JACQUIZZ RODGERSOregon State20113.677.3168
DION LEWISPittsburgh20112.256.9066
JOHNNY WHITENorth Carolina20112.677.0765
KENDALL HUNTEROklahoma State20111.546.7463
ALEX GREENHawaii20111.936.9161
JAMIE HARPERClemson20112.697.1661
SHANE VEREENCalifornia20111.836.9558
BARON BATCHTexas Tech20112.007.0357
DANIEL THOMASKansas State20112.087.0657
MIKEL LESHOUREIllinois20111.316.8257
EVAN ROYSTERPenn State20111.927.0754
STEVAN RIDLEYLouisiana State20110.856.7852
ROY HELUNebraska20110.366.6750
MARK INGRAMAlabama20111.647.1348
ANTHONY ALLENGeorgia Tech20110.236.7943
DELONE CARTERSyracuse20110.626.9243
JORDAN TODMANConnecticut20111.587.2442
RYAN WILLIAMSVirginia Tech20110.606.9641
DAREL SCOTTMaryland20111.087.1539
ALLEN BRADFORDSouthern California20110.276.9736
JAY FINLEYBaylor20110.697.3923
JAHVID BESTCalifornia20102.446.7576
MONTARIO HARDESTYTennessee20101.926.8763
BEN TATEAuburn20101.546.9156
JOE MCKNIGHTSouthern California20101.837.1251
ANTHONY DIXONMississippi State20101.647.0949
TOBY GERHARTStanford20100.856.9445
CHARLES SCOTTLouisiana State20100.896.9844
RYAN MATHEWSFresno State20100.927.0043
JONATHAN DWYERGeorgia Tech20100.367.5611
MIKE GOODSONTexas A&M20093.706.8987
CEDRIC PEERMANVirginia20094.006.9987
KNOWSHON MORENOGeorgia20092.546.8473
LESEAN MCCOYPittsburgh20092.466.8273
JAVON RINGERMichigan State20092.156.8766
ANDRE BROWNNorth Carolina State20092.237.3546
JAMES DAVISClemson20091.087.1539
AARON BROWNTexas Christian20091.207.2238
SHONN GREENEIowa20090.627.1035
GLEN COFFEEAlabama20091.147.3531
MATT FORTETulane20082.676.8475
CORY BOYDSouth Carolina20083.006.9774
RAY RICERutgers20081.926.6573
STEVE SLATONWest Virginia20082.006.7470
KEVIN SMITHCentral Florida20081.716.7466
DARREN MCFADDENArkansas20081.626.8659
JAMAAL CHARLESTexas20081.316.8057
JUSTIN FORSETTCalifornia20081.696.9656
JALEN PARMELEToledo20081.426.9652
THOMAS BROWNGeorgia20081.007.1737
ALLEN PATRICKOklahoma20080.777.4621
CHAUNCEY WASHINGTONSouthern California20080.587.5315
BRIAN LEONARDRutgers20072.926.8877
GARRETT WOLFENorthern Illinois20072.156.6974
LORENZO BOOKERFlorida State20072.547.0464
AHMAD BRADSHAWMarshall20071.426.7063
BRANDON JACKSONNebraska20072.367.0063
MARSHAWN LYNCHCalifornia20072.627.0963
CHRIS HENRYArizona20071.916.9659
DWAYNE WRIGHTFresno State20072.427.2354
ANTONIO PITTMANOhio State20071.086.8452
KOLBY SMITHLouisville20071.857.2247
ADRIAN PETERSONOklahoma20071.437.0946
THOMAS CLAYTONKansas State20072.007.2846
KENNY IRONSAuburn20070.917.0043
TONY HUNTPenn State20072.087.3942
DESHAWN WYNNFlorida20070.507.2626
BRIAN CALHOUNWisconsin20064.087.0585
JEROME HARRISONWashington State20062.186.7970
DEANGELO WILLIAMSMemphis20061.096.5765
LEON WASHINGTONFlorida State20062.276.9664
MAURICE DREWUCLA20062.587.0863
JERIOUS NORWOODMississippi State20061.736.8163
QUINTON GANTHERUtah20062.277.2153
PJ DANIELSGeorgia Tech20061.917.1351
WALI LUNDYVirginia20061.367.0149
JOSEPH ADDAILouisiana State20061.547.1048
CEDRIC HUMESVirginia Tech20060.837.0739
MARQUES HAGANSVirginia20060.087.0330
DAMIEN NASHMissouri20052.506.7377
DARREN SPROLESKansas State20052.916.9673
NOAH HERRONNorthwestern20052.676.9669
RONNIE BROWNAuburn20052.837.1265
JJ ARRINGTONCalifornia20051.756.8163
CARNELL WILLIAMSAuburn20051.626.9555
FRANK GOREMiami (FL)20050.836.9146
LIONEL GATESLouisville20051.117.1738
RYAN MOATSLouisiana Tech20051.257.2238
ANTHONY DAVISWisconsin20051.637.3936
VERNAND MORENCYOklahoma State20050.457.0236
CEDRIC HOUSTONTennessee20051.237.2835
CEDRIC BENSONTexas20051.837.5034
DEANDRA COBBMichigan State20050.587.1333
ERIC SHELTONLouisville20050.507.4617
MEWELDE MOORETulane20044.337.0788
STEVEN JACKSONOregon State20043.387.0376
CHRIS PERRYMichigan20043.237.0275
MICHAEL TURNERNorthern Illinois20041.587.5429
QUINCY WILSONWest Virginia20041.257.6918
JULIUS JONESNotre Dame20040.837.960
LEONARD HENRYEast Carolina20022.277.1157
LADELL BETTSIowa20021.277.0646
LARRY NEDSan Diego State20021.457.1245
JOSH SCOBEYKansas State20020.826.9644
ROCK CARTWRIGHTKansas State20021.367.1842
BRIAN ALLENStanford20020.366.9040
ERIC CROUCHNebraska20020.086.8737
LADAINIAN TOMLINSONTexas Christian20010.916.8450
DEREK COMBSOhio State20010.706.9642
CORRELL BUCKHALTERNebraska20010.457.0833
RUDI JOHNSONAuburn20010.757.3227
ANTHONY THOMASMichigan20011.187.4826

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