Apples to Apples: Comparing Jordan Matthews and Cordarrelle Patterson Versus Common Opponents


This is such a RotoViz article.  On one hand we have metrics darling Jordan Matthews.  On the other hand we have lightning rod Cordarrelle Patterson.  Despite being in different drafts and having different connotations–Matthews as a possession receiver and Patterson as a playmaker–the two actually have a lot in common.  For starters, let’s take a look at their physical attributes:

Cordarrelle Patterson7421631.894.42371287.284.40
Jordan Matthews7521233.310.44.4635.51206.954.18

Patterson is a bit more explosive, Matthews is more agile, but overall they’re in the same ball park.  Now for the fun part: comparing their performance against common opponents during the 2012 season.  Both played in the SEC East and faced six common opponents.  Here is a summary of their performance in that half season.

WRAvg AgeRecRec YardsYPRRec TDMS Rec YardsMS Total Offense
Jordan Matthews20.257.510413.90.751.3%32.8%
Cordarrelle Patterson21.574.36114.10.519.0%20.3%

Despite being, on average, 15 months younger than Patterson, JMatt absolutely blows him away by all receiving stats, including a whopping 32% lead in market share of receiving yards.

But it’s not fair to compare their receiving performance because Cordarrelle is a dual-threat player!!! 

Yes, imaginary reader, I know.  That’s why I included the column for MS Total Offense.  That stat compares total individual production (rushing + receiving) against overall offensive output.  Even when we give Patterson credit for his rushing output, he still accounted for 12% less of his team’s offense than Matthews did versus common opponents.

If we think about each common opponent as one matchup, here are the results of the head-to-head series over four different metrics.  Note that SOS indicates the strength of defense faced in the contests they “won”.  Lower is better.

WRAvg AgeRec. Yds WinsMS RecYds WinsRec. SOSOff. Yds WinsMS Offense WinsOff. SOS
Jordan Matthews20.254520.74415.8
Cordarrelle Patterson21.572155.32256.5

Matthews again carries the day, with his best games coming against the best competition of the six.  By comparison, Cordarrelle’s wins came against NC State and Kentucky, which were the two worst defenses among the common opponents.  For a complete log of the results, please see the following table.

WRAgeOpponent (def. rk)RECydsMSrecYDOFFydsMSoffRECyds winMSrecYD winOFFyds winMSoff win
Jordan Matthews20.24Florida (3)13155.3%13136.1%XXXX
Cordarrelle Patterson21.49Florida (3)7529.2%7522.1%
Jordan Matthews20.12S. Carolina (5)14768.7%14753.3%XXXX
Cordarrelle Patterson21.61S. Carolina (5)266.8%4710.0%
Jordan Matthews20.18Georgia (14)11951.5%11935.3%XXXX
Cordarrelle Patterson21.53Georgia (14)3111.0%8618%
Jordan Matthews20.22Missouri (41)9144.2%10936.9%XXXX
Cordarrelle Patterson21.65Missouri (41)5312.3%8113.8%
Jordan Matthews20.30Kentucky (53)7534.1%7516.8%
Cordarrelle Patterson21.69Kentucky (53)8835.9%12627.6%XXXX
Jordan Matthews20.46NC State (60)6156.5%5732.8%X
Cordarrelle Patterson21.46NC State (60)9327.9%16531.5%XXX

Jon Moore is a contributor at RotoViz and a coach at RotoAcademy.  Continue this conversation with him on Twitter or Google+.

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