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Some Team Should Draft Tajh Boyd and Logan Thomas – I’m 99.99% Serious


Is it me, or are NFL teams pretty reluctant to ever admit that they’re actually playing a game?

Listening to the seriousness with which the ex-player pundit class discusses prospects, you would think they’re picking a wartime President. Not discussing 22 year-olds embarking on a career of game playing.

That same lack of fun loving spirit is also evident in the chickenshit attitude that teams have about their draft picks. Hell I feel like only the Jaguars have any kind of sense of humor about the draft.

But I’m here to offer a spoonful of sugar along with some medicine for an NFL team’s QB malady.

Some team should draft both Logan Thomas and Tajh Boyd and then just run a full on read option. I don’t mean a part time read option, or one meant to preserve the QB. I mean every play, with no thought at all to the QB’s health. That’s why you’re taking two of these guys. It’s like an insurance policy.

Logan Thomas is a hoss in the open field and ran a 4.61 at 248 pounds. Tajh Boyd looks like a natural runner, despite his slowish 40 time.

And lest you think that the benefits end at the athleticism of these two players, they do not. Greg Cosell already called Thomas the most talented thrower in the class. Football Outsiders has Boyd ahead of all of the Big 3 on the LCF (which was very high on Russell Wilson). Here’s the LCF table from this week’s article:

Player School LCF
Aaron Murray Georgia 2,009
A.J. McCarron Alabama 1,551
Jimmy Garoppolo E. Illinois 1,530
Tajh Boyd Clemson 1,418
Teddy Bridgewater Louisville 1,411
Derek Carr Fresno St. 1,223
Blake Bortles UCF 1,059
Johnny Manziel Texas A&M 983
Zach Mettenberger LSU 757

I seriously can’t think of anything more fun than an NFL team actually doing this. I suggest Reggie McKenzie jump on this grenade because he’s probably going to get fired anyway.

So he might as well do something dramatic 1.

Oh yeah, the Raiders tried something similar last year with Terrell Pryor, so maybe they do need to make some changes. Well guess what? If the Raiders roll with Thomas and Boyd they could use their earlier picks on a TE and WR. Boom. They’d have a value QB tandem and a shiny new WR to play with.

Do you know what another benefit of this strategy is? No $20MM quarterback contract. Ever. You wouldn’t ever be on the hook for one because every few years you’d be recycling your QBs. You’d treat them like RBs. At some point an NFL team is going to figure out that the QB salary issue is an exploitable inefficiency. I’m just arguing to pair that with a value draft strategy.

But but but this wouldn’t work!

Really? The Seahawks already made a less ridiculous version of this same strategy work. I’m just taking the idea to its extreme. Instead of banking on getting Russell Wilson, hedge your bets and take two guys.

B b b b b b b b b but neither Tajh Boyd or Logan Thomas is Russell Wilson!

Good point genius. I’m sure if people knew that Russell Wilson was Russell Wilson, he would have gone earlier than the 3rd round.

It’s also worth noting that the Redskins actually tried a half smart version of this strategy, but they did it backwards. Instead of relying on a running QB as a value strategy, they overpaid for one. Then they still drafted a backup because they knew they’d need one. So they committed a shit ton of draft resources. I’m saying a team should commit very little in the way of draft resources. To further my point on the potential effectiveness of what I’m advocating, RGIII looked pretty good when he could run, and looked pretty bad when he couldn’t. It’s possible that all of his effectiveness rests on his ability to hurt defenses with his legs, and then other holes that that effectiveness opens up.

CBS Draft Scout has Thomas as a 7th rounder and Boyd as UDFA. For about half the cost of just Kirk Cousins, you could get the guy that Greg Cosell calls the most talented thrower, and you could get the guy that Football Outsiders says has a higher LCF than the Big 3.

NFL teams are going to roll out some really ridiculous starting QBs this year. Some of those QBs are going to make $10MM and throw 20 INTs. And my strategy really couldn’t work?

Could drafting Thomas and Boyd to letting them run the read option be any dumber than drafting Jake Locker? I don’t see how Thomas is any worse of a prospect and yet he’s going to be worlds cheaper.

The benefits are pretty simple really. You save your high draft picks and don’t piss them away on the Christian Ponder/Blaine Gabbert/Jake Lockers of the world. You save a ton of cap room on QBs that you can use to pay other positions. And you get QBs in the middle rounds of the draft to execute an offense that we know gives defenses trouble, and where the only downside is that the QBs involved tend to get hurt. But we’ve solved that problem by taking two guys.

And then there’s always the issue of what happens if one of the guys you take actually is awesome? Before you dismiss that possibility, a look through the accuracy displayed in the draft should probably instill some doubt.

  1. pretend for a moment that they don’t have the fermenting corpse of Matt Schaub on the team  (back)

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