The Sammy Watkins Route Tree – Courtesy of Doug Farrar


I keep hoping that if I stare at Sammy Watkins’ measurables long enough the puzzle’s solution will reveal itself to me.

Doug Farrar of SI has already figured out Watkins, as evidenced by this brilliant illustration (you may have to click the image link to see it):


But Sammy Watkins is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a bubble screen. He has an average TD length of over 40 yards and yet caught over 50% of his passes on screens. Throw that into your mainframe and see if it doesn’t start emitting smoke.

Yesterday I wrote that I had changed my mind on Watkins. But that reversal was preceded by articles from Jon Moore and Shawn Siegele which I think take the other side.

Sammy Watkins has become our Cordarrelle Patterson this year I think.

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