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Marqise Lee, Shad Khan’s Mustache, and the Jags’ Analytics Department


In grade school they tell kids that if they study and work hard then maybe one day they can grow up to be President. But what they should be telling these kids is if they study, get good grades, and work hard, then maybe someday they’ll have enough money to grow a “fuck you mustache”.

Moving on.

From the Jags’ Tony Kahn in an SI piece by Doug Farrar – Jacksonville Jaguars used scouting, stats in harmony during 2014 NFL draft | Audibles –

“When Dave and I were in his office for the first time ever, we started talking about Marqise Lee. He was a player that … I don’t think either one of us thought, back when we first met in January 2013, was going to be on the board for us in the second round the next year. I brought statistics into the conversation then, because Marqise’s numbers were so strong as a freshman and sophomore, it seemed like he was going to be a top pick.

“But I’ve brought statistics in through that process, as we’ve been discussing the draft and free agency, and Dave’s asked some very good questions through the process. We’ve been able to introduce ideas that have helped us identify some pretty good players, and helped us find some red flags that some potential players might have had.”

The Jags analytics department took a lot of heat last year for their piece of information about Blaine Gabbert not totally sucking (I don’t remember what the exact tidbit was… I’m too lazy to look it up. And to be fair to me, I think if you asked the guys in the Jags analytics department now, they would agree it was dumb enough to warrant suspension of their Excel privileges for at least a month). Also, the Jags drafted Ace Sanders last year.  But this year they made two very opportunistic moves by drafting Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson. Tony Kahn’s point above, that the Jags shouldn’t have been able to draft Lee, is a good one I think. And Jon Moore called Allen Robinson a first round talent.

I don’t know if there’s ever been a more overhyped team that only won 6 total games over the previous two years, but there is a lot of excitement around the Jags. Some of that certainly warranted. Even if Marqise Lee wasn’t Rotoviz’s top receiver, I think we probably appreciate the opportunistic attitude that went into his selection.

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