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The Composite Dynasty RB Rankings


Owning running backs in a dynasty league is a little bit like having an expensive car that doesn’t start every morning and is only going to get to 25,000 miles before it’s been in enough accidents to not drive straight anymore.

And yet that piece of information is extremely actionable on its own. There’s no point in complaining about it, all we can do is try to figure out how to benefit from it.

This is probably a tough year to pursue Shawn Siegele’s now infamous RB Zero approach (because it’s becoming so popular) but if there’s any format for that strategy it’s a PPR dynasty league.

RB Zero sort of invokes the line from Fight Club “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” In a re-draft league, while chaos has its role, you could wait all season for the straw to break a lead RB’s back so your guy can get a chance. In a dynasty league it’s just a matter of when, not if.

The ideas that underlie my short intro to these rankings are evident in the actual rankings, where historical memory is nowhere to be found. You can peruse the top 10 and come up with just a few names that have any history of consistent production. Some part of that is dictated by the aging of the 2008 draft class, while some other part of it is inherent in the running back position.

But again, the lack of dependability at the position is its own intel. Figuring out how to make that work for you means being able to identify the free to acquire backs that will benefit from fragility.

Without further comment I will give you our staff RB rankings for dynasty leagues.

The rankers are: FD = Fantasy Douche, DM = Davis Mattek, MF = Matthew Freedman, SS = Shawn Siegele, SS2 = Scott Smith,WTF = Whisky Tango Foxtrot, BF = Bryan Fontaine, CTK = Coleman Kelly CR = the Composite Ranking

McCoy, LeSean PHI RB121211111
Charles, Jamaal KCC RB212122222
Lacy, Eddie GBP RB643543533
Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB335337674
Bernard, Giovani CIN RB4841084955
Martin, Doug TBB RB8581855346
Murray, DeMarco DAL RB579769787
Peterson, Adrian MIN RB101264146468
Forte, Matt CHI RB1167612811129
Stacy, Zac STL RB71015871081610
Ball, Montee DEN RB9131191011141111
Morris, Alfred WAS RB14111213151413912
Spiller, C.J. BUF RB1691611912121713
Sankey, Bishop TEN RB131513121121161014
Lynch, Marshawn SEA RB171610141613101515
Mathews, Ryan SDC RB201417151319151816
Foster, Arian HOU RB181714191718311317
Vereen, Shane NEP RB121822312116171418
Michael, Christine SEA RB152118222220182119
Ellington, Andre ARI RB191932212015242020
Richardson, Trent IND RB212319203217321921
Bell, Joique DET RB222731162525282222
Bush, Reggie DET RB232223303922192523
Tate, Ben CLE RB242024451823332324
Gerhart, Toby JAC RB252429232428223825
Hill, Jeremy CIN RB262825172333392426
Moreno, Knowshon MIA RB273435352627262627
Rice, Ray BAL RB283833462724202728
Ridley, Stevan NEP RB293721482929213129
Hyde, Carlos SFO RB303334343126362830
Davis, Knile KCC RB333026254450292931
Miller, Lamar MIA RB342550241937404132
Johnson, Chris NYJ RB353536473830343033
Williams, Andre NYG RB363128274053413334
West, Terrance CLE RB314937265440273435
Gore, Frank SFO RB393620604638353936
Robinson, Khiry NOS RB404427327045233537
Pierce, Bernard BAL RB424254503531255238
Thomas, Pierre NOS RB414140363341624039
Wilson, David NYG RB372669663039305140
Mason, Tre STL RB434671523734383241
Woodhead, Danny SDC RB323930623452605342
Jennings, Rashad NYG RB446252492835583743
Sims, Charles TBB RB475044284254495744
Jackson, Steven ATL RB484039614746594545
McKinnon, Jerick MIN RB382946396060516946
Ivory, Chris NYJ RB514770335151484847
Freeman, Devonta ATL RB614856295532439948
Jackson, Fred BUF RB534541675057465049
Sproles, Darren PHI RB526451644948374650
Jones-Drew, Maurice OAK RB546353594849574251
Carey, Ka'Deem CHI RB554360536544634452
Brown, Bryce BUF RB455157715755455853
Ingram, Mark NOS RB496642686747475454
Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB699945374342695655
McFadden, Darren OAK RB566555655343614756
Murray, Latavius OAK RB576143694556429957
Taliaferro, Lorenzo BAL RB465338559971735958
Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB506859705259655559
Lattimore, Marcus SFO RB609938637636994360
Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB627258734161506261
Dunbar, Lance DAL RB595547409999537062
Anderson, C.J. DEN RB635261565699676663
Turbin, Robert SEA RB585748587199547864
Cunningham, Benny STL RB645863575999527565
Brown, Donald SDC RB657074387499446466
Bolden, Brandon NEP RB689949996276567167
Blount, LeGarrette PIT RB706972547264996568
Rainey, Bobby TBB RB675978993699757269
White, James NEP RB665699429966997770
Helu, Roy WAS RB717365745869689971
Johnson, Storm JAC RB737462759967726172
Taylor, Stepfan ARI RB729964418368997673
Franklin, Johnathan GBP RB759999786363706874
Greene, Shonn TEN RB767199996962996375
Seastrunk, Lache WAS RB746799999958649976
Starks, James GBP RB789966448299789977
Polk, Chris PHI RB777977439999997378
Todman, Jordan JAC RB795475998599716779
Archer, Dri PIT RB807868809999557980
Brown, Andre HOU RB999999997365669981
McCluster, Dexter TEN RB999999777874996082
Grice, Marion SDC RB997680999970747483
Hunter, Kendall SFO RB999999766199999984
Williams, Damien MIA RB996079999999999985
Gaffney, Tyler CAR RB999967999980769986
James, Mike TBB RB999999996478999987
Ballard, Vick IND RB999973997973799988
Ogbonnaya, Chris CLE RB999999996899999989
Randle, Joseph DAL RB999999999972999990
Thomas, De'Anthony KCC RB997599799999998091
Rodgers, Jacquizz ATL RB999999728199999992
Tolbert, Mike CAR RB999976998475999993
Green-Ellis, BenJarvus CIN RB999999997599809994
Josey, Henry PHI RB997499999999999995
Powell, Bilal NYJ RB998099998099779996
Johnson, Dennis HOU RB999999999977999997
Bradshaw, Ahmad IND RB999999997799999998
Lewis, Dion CLE RB997799999999999999
Blue, Alfred HOU RB9999999999799999100

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