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The Composite Re-draft QB Rankings


When you go through the list of QBs this year and realize that the top names on the list are significantly better QBs than the guys in the middle of the list, and yet those top guys probably won’t even be instrumental in winning your fantasy league, it’s just another reminder that we need some reform in fantasy scoring.

Maybe the answer is 2QB leagues, maybe it’s changing the QB rushing scoring equation, or maybe it’s pegging QB scoring to a number more representative of how football games are won1.

But something has to change. The whole reason we do any of this is to show our friends how much smarter we are. OK, but after we’re done demonstrating our dominance and having our ego briefly satiated, the reason we do this is because we like to watch football and fantasy makes it more fun. So we shouldn’t want fantasy QBs to be the equivalent of the Vice President, an office that John Nance Garner once said he wouldn’t trade for a warm bucket of spit. We should want QBs to matter because QBs mattering will be more fun.

The Rosa Parks of the 2QB movement is undoubtedly Salvatore Stephanile. I know he doesn’t want to be called a hero…

Was the Rosa Parks thing too much? Too much? Ok, noted. Anyway, Sal is at least the leader of the 2QB movement, even if he’s not a Rosa Parks-level hero.

I have to say that it took me ranking this year’s QBs and wanting to be able to pull the trigger on an early one, but then seeing how dumb that would be, before I was fully on board. I like PPR scoring because it increases the pool of players that you need to care about. Current fantasy scoring in most leagues essentially eliminates an entire position for you to care about. Something needs to be done.

The rankers are: FD = Fantasy Douche, DM = Davis Mattek, MF = Matthew Freedman, SS = Shawn Siegele, SS2 = Scott Smith,JK = Jim Kloet, BF = Bryan Fontaine, AM = Aaron Messing, JB = Justin Bailey,  CR = the Composite Ranking.

Manning, Peyton DEN QB312111131
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB121223212
Brees, Drew NOS QB533332323
Stafford, Matthew DET QB444464454
Luck, Andrew IND QB2105745845
Foles, Nick PHI QB7565961066
Griffin III, Robert WAS QB9681178597
Newton, Cam CAR QB8715659688
Ryan, Matt ATL QB1019710117779
Romo, Tony DAL QB691081011121310
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QB118131481291611
Brady, Tom NEP QB12159121210151212
Wilson, Russell SEA QB131214151314111113
Rivers, Philip SDC QB14162291513131014
Cutler, Jay CHI QB161311161415141415
Dalton, Andy CIN QB171412171616161716
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB191720181917171517
Smith, Alex KCC QB152217191819181818
Manziel, Johnny CLE QB211118133218192019
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB221819211720361920
Bradford, Sam STL QB242421202024212621
Flacco, Joe BAL QB202128242423202222
Palmer, Carson ARI QB252023262322242323
McCown, Josh TBB QB232516292721262524
Smith, Geno NYJ QB183425252228272425
Bridgewater, Teddy MIN QB262327223027223026
Manning, Eli NYG QB272634232625232827
Manuel, E.J. BUF QB282824272530252728
Locker, Jake TEN QB293130302826292929
Vick, Michael NYJ QB302729322129353230
Bortles, Blake JAC QB313033283436303331
Fitzpatrick, Ryan HOU QB339932343831282232
Schaub, Matt OAK QB323331402932323133
Glennon, Mike TBB QB343699373334313234
Henne, Chad JAC QB369926333633383534
Hoyer, Brian CLE QB353535383137343436
Carr, Derek OAK QB372999313738373837
Cassel, Matt MIN QB383799393535333738
Cousins, Kirk WAS QB393299993940993939
Osweiler, Brock DEN QB409999994841993645
Mallett, Ryan NEP QB999999994644994051
Garoppolo, Jimmy NEP QB999999994799999999
Mettenberger, Zach TEN QB999999354042999999
Savage, Tom HOU QB999999364339999999
McCarron, A.J. CIN QB999999994499999999
Murray, Aaron KCC QB999999994599999999
Thomas, Logan ARI QB999999994299999999
Fales, David CHI QB999999994143999999

  1. AYA’s penalty for INTs is double the reward for scoring TDs on an absolute basis, whereas fantasy leagues have that ratio reversed  (back)

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