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Josh Gordon Has Apparently Passed 70 Drug Tests


Gordon’s appeal focuses on disparity between “A” and “B” bottle tests | ProFootballTalk.

According to the source, Gordon has passed at least 70 drug tests.  One test barely generated a positive.  And but for the 50-50 luck of the draw, it would have been a negative.

Urine samples routinely are split into two bottles, the “A” bottle and the “B” bottle.  If the “A” bottle generates a positive result, the “B” bottle is tested.  Amazingly, the “B” bottle doesn’t have to independently show a violation.  Instead, the substance abuse policy states that the “‘B’ bottle Test need only show that the substance, revealed in the ‘A’ bottle Test, is evident to the ‘limits of detection’ to confirm the results of the ‘A’ bottle Test.”

While it’s easy to feel bad for Gordon for generating a positive test on what sound like pretty thin grounds, my takeaway from reading this story is that Gordon had passed 70 tests. I think that probably supports what Justin Winn has written about Gordon, which makes him a buy in dynasty and re-draft. But Winn’s article also preceded Gordon’s DUI arrest, so the impact of that arrest – even if Gordon somehow gets out of the pot problem – is unknown.

My primary problem with trying to acquire Gordon in dynasty formats is that I don’t believe that I have any proprietary info that can actually give me a trade advantage. It’s just a straight risk tolerance issue. If I have a lot of risk tolerance then it’s pretty easy to make a move. If I don’t have much risk appetite then I likely can’t make a move. But unless you have some kind of inside information it’s tough to actually acquire Gordon right now in any trade that approaches an exploitable advantage.

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