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The Waiver Wire Report: Monday Edition, Week 13, 2014


Dan Herron

The most interesting thing about Dan Herron’s solid game on Sunday is that it begs the question of why the Colts have been playing Trent Richardson all year when they had a guy behind Richardson who could have probably been more productive. Herron is gone in a lot of leagues but I like him as the most valuable option if he is available in your league. Ahmad Bradshaw’s scoring was a little fluky to be sure, but there’s just a lot of value in having an RB in a high scoring offense like IND. Herron should provide some of that value.

Latavius Murray

This weekend was almost too much for RotoViz as both Latavius Murray and Charles Johnson scored. If Marvin McNutt had scored we would have had to pull a Costanza and shut down the site so we could go out on a high note.

Anyway, the best thing about Murray is that the Raiders did look like they wanted to get him involved. I wasn’t super bullish on him last week because I figured the Raiders would screw around with the RB depth chart some more. Murray still has a difficult schedule down the stretch, so buyer beware, but if he is on your wire you can go pick him up and probably feel like you’re getting a low end RB2 or flex for the rest of the way.

Charles Johnson

Johnson turned a ton of targets into 50 yards, a TD, and a two point conversion on Sunday.

Is he the best “C.Johnson” in the NFL?

No, I’m just fucking with you there. But it was really cool to see even if it was a low efficiency output. Johnson actually seemed able to get open at will although Teddy Bridgewater had trouble getting him the ball.

Should you pick Johnson up? My inclination would be to say that receivers are really abundant and since bye weeks are over, I can’t imagine you starting him. Except. Except that you might actually be able to squeeze a couple of starts out of Johnson in a really deep league (like start 3-4 flex). They play CAR and NYJ before their schedule gets difficult for the fantasy playoffs.

Tim Wright

You know the drill. You can go pick-up Wright and then watch next week as he puts up a goose egg in the target department. The really weird thing is that conditional on getting a target in a game, Wright has a pretty decent chance of scoring. He’s like a modern day TE version of Jerome Bettis.

LeGarrette Blount

Copy and paste the above Tim Wright blurb for Blount. The funny thing is that lots of people are saying that the Patriots are illustrating how unimportant RBs are, which I think is a weird claim. We’re just a few years from the Patriots using two draft picks on RBs. But people giving the Pats undue credit for personnel management isn’t new. The Pats have a few really killer personnel moves over the past 15 years and then they have a lot of duds that people give them too much credit for. I guess if I’m being fair I should say that there’s about 0 percent chance that the Patriots would send good money after bad as the Colts are doing with Trent Richardson. So maybe they deserve a lot of credit for personnel management for that reason alone.

Back to Blount. He should be owned, he’ll be totally unpredictable both in terms of whether Jonas Gray plays ahead of him, and whether the game of the week is a Shane Vereen game or not. Some people look at the tea leaves and try to parse out whether the upcoming game with be a Vereen/Edelman/LaFell/Wright/Gronk/Gray game or not. Congrats to those people on their clairvoyance. I have no idea.

Colt McCoy

Kind of kidding here but put it in your calendar to look a few weeks ahead if you’re in the playoffs and have a marginal QB. WAS plays the Eagles in Week 16. I once rolled out Tim Tebow in a championship game and got the feeling of exhilaration typically reserved for dogs that stick their heads out car windows.

Pay attention because the WAS QB will have a better matchup that day than any other possible streaming option. So if you’re streaming you don’t want to go down in the finals if you could have avoided it by rostering that streaming option a couple of weeks ahead of time.

Kyle Rudolph

Rudolph played a lot of snaps and saw a lot of targets on Sunday. Because the receiving situation in MIN is kind of up in the air I think it’s worthwhile to pick-up Rudolph although the MIN playoff schedule is mixed as I mentioned above.

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