The First of 1,000 Devante Parker Articles


I’m expecting so many Devante Parker articles at RotoViz this year that I think we should probably just start ordering them like a comic book. So instead of Batman #1, this article is Devante Parker #1.

What I’m going to write won’t be definitive at all because I’m actually just starting to learn the prospect’s names. But I did want to write about Parker and also highlight the availability of a new beta-ish app on the site. The Box Score Scout is now live even though I’m still troubleshooting it. One of the things you can do with the Box Score Scout is generate lists of comparable prospects, like I did for Parker here:


You can even customize the variables used to run the similarity search, so if you want to generate your own table, head on over to the App. It’s poorly documented right now but that will be changing in the coming days. Note that right now we’re missing some key information on Parker that will better help place him as a prospect, like Combine measures and draft position.

In Parker’s case I wanted to start off the conversation by pointing out that while he is likely to be a RotoViz favorite, and is also a favorite among scouts, he doesn’t have a flawless resume. First, I think it’s natural to wonder whether he should have maybe already been good enough to leave school last year. But he wasn’t. He went back to school. The fact that Parker was really a one year wonder in the statistical department shows up in his Career Receiving Yards/Game number in the above table. He averaged 142 yards per game in the five games he appeared in during the 2014 season, but wasn’t nearly as dominant before then. His 2013 season was good but not otherworldly. You can also generate a heatmap using the Box Score Scout.


The fact that Parker only played in five games in 2014 is also problematic just because it’s a smaller sample.

Parker will still be a 6-3 receiver picked in the first round and coming off a season where he posted 142 yards per game. So he has my full attention. I’ll be interested to see how he performs in the Combine drills as well.

Stay tuned for the inevitable Devante Parker #2. That sounded like bathroom humor but it wasn’t.

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