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Amari Cooper Leads the Way in Post-Draft Dynasty Rookie Rankings

The RotoViz writers have been busy at work in their parents’ basement, where they took time out of their busy schedules of not getting any sun, in order to dynasty rookie  rankings. The ranks that follow are 100 percent serious.

We have a few ways to digest the ranks. First, there’s a graph which you can click to get a big PDF. The graph shows our ranks so that you can see where tiers exist.



Then there’s a table at the bottom of the page which has our composite ranks. If you want to see how individual writers ranked the prospects then you can also look at this Google Doc. Finally, we also kept track of which writers liked which prospects more or less than the average and we’ve made some comments in the middle of this piece that should give you a better sense as to thought process.

Kevin White

I was never a huge fan of White as a prospect. The measurables are terrific, but his age is a huge issue for me, as he will be 23 by the start of the season. I am also not a fan of the landing spot, in a Jon Fox offense with a very combustible QB situation. The draft position is the only thing that saves White for me. – Anthony Amico

Tevin Coleman

I’m not even “down” on Tevin Coleman but I guess I just have him lower than everyone else. That’s probably attributable to my general preference for pass-catching assets in dynasty and the depth of the RB class. – Jon Moore

Things I know about Tevin Coleman: he is fast, he plays in a Shanahan offense, and his best competition is not very good. There is a lot that I don’t know about the Indiana speedster, but I’ll take my chances given the information at hand. – Anthony Amico

Breshad Perriman

The best combination of talent and opportunity in this year’s WR pool not named Amari Cooper. Good chance to be the number one option sooner rather than later, and Perriman is both young and athletic. – Anthony Amico

TJ Yeldon

I was fairly low on Yeldon pre-draft, but–even in dynasty–production is what I care about most from the RB position. Yeldon is a big SEC back who’s being handed a three down role. Even if you’re not a fan, you should be able to turn a profit fairly quickly from his mid-1st round cost. – Pat Kerrane

Maxx Williams

Even if Maxx isn’t a unicorn, he was still really young & dominant in college while landing in a favorable spot with lots of targets up for grabs. Considering that Tyler Eifert and Eric Ebron were top 10 dynasty picks and not any more talented than Maxx, in my opinion, I’m fine with taking a shot on him in the top half of the second round. – Jon Moore

Jameis Winston

Great landing spot considering his offensive coordinator and the opportunity to play with Mike Evans and Austin Seferian-Jenkins for the next 5-plus seasons. However he is not much of a runner, and I worry about his issues with interceptions.  – Anthony Amico

He is going to be a starting QB this year. He’ll be throwing to Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins. The Bucs also acquired two new offensive linemen to help protect him.  – James Todd

Devin Smith

Underrated receiver who is more than just a deep threat. The Chan Gailey offense should provide plenty of opportunity, especially once Brandon Marshall is out of the picture. – Anthony Amico

A smallish speed receiver on a team with questionable QB play with two target hogs and a highly drafted TE ahead of him. – James Todd

I can see things breaking in such a way as to make this ranking look foolish, but if I’m taking a small unproductive WR, I’d at least like him to have a clear path to playing time. – Pat Kerrane

Phillip Dorsett

Repeat after me: “I can see things breaking in such a way as to make this ranking look foolish, but if I’m taking a small unproductive WR, I’d at least like him to have a clear path to playing time.” – Pat Kerrane

Jay Ajayi

I think Ajayi is probably a fine running back. But most of the reason that I liked him, which is that he rolled up rushing and receiving production in college, is undone by his late draft position. Sure, he’s the same player and he has some injury question mark that may or may not impact his career. But without the investment of a high draft pick I don’t know that much about his future opportunities. He has to deal with Lamar Miller for at least one year and then even if the Dolphins don’t look that committed to Miller now, things could change like they did with the Saints and Mark Ingram. Ajayi is just a total crapshoot I think. – Fantasy Douche

I agree with Fantasy Douche that Ajayi is a total crapshoot, but what late second round picks aren’t? I readily concede that both his floor and ceiling are worse now than we thought before the draft. Floor because he’s a fifth round pick, and ceiling because I have a hard time imagining the Dolphins committing to him as their lead guy heading into any season. But what I don’t have a hard time imagining is Ajayi outplaying every other RB on the roster for as long as his knee lets him. He won’t be the workhorse we hoped, but he still provides reasonable upside as a big pass catching back who could turn in a few unexpectedly great seasons. – Pat Kerrane

David Cobb

I’m still aboard the Bishop Sankey bandwagon (that’s me in the Groucho Marx outfit) but Cobb should be able to supplant Shonn Greene and earn a back up role at a minimum. It’s possible that he earns a timeshare also. – James Todd

Sammie Coates

Coates did not have a great final season, but he was also injured. It seems reasonable to believe that he could have been working his way back from injury all season, especially since his snaps were cut by the team. In 2013 Coates recorded a 0.39 DR and far surpassed Jon Moore’s trendline for age-adjusted college production. He has ideal height/weight/speed and will get to play with Ben Roethlisberger for the foreseeable future. There is a lot of risk here, but also a lot of potential reward. – Anthony Amico

Coates is the first NFL starter potential talent that Gus Malzahn has coached at WR while at Auburn. The past WRs that have excelled in the offense have been slow. I do think this is a different offense in terms of ability to apply metrics toward in terms of market share due to the heavy run mix. Coates is going to be Malzahn’s first true NFL sample. I’m willing to place a few chips down on Sammie rewarding me. – Eric Braun

Jeremy Langford

It’s not that I think Langford is a bad prospect, but he feels like just-a-guy. I’m also kind of mixed on the Bears’ RB depth chart, which isn’t made any clearer by Langford’s round four selection. Maybe down the line he’ll prove me wrong, but for now I’m dicey on spending any more than a late third rookie pick on him. – Jon Moore

I was kind of surprised to see I was this much lower than my peers on Langford. I don’t necessarily dislike him as a prospect, I just can’t see the Bears leaning on him anytime soon. Ka’Deem Carey is still in the fold, and Langford is not much of a receiver. – Anthony Amico

Great prospect in his own right? No. Able to beat out KaDeem Carey to be Matt Forte’s backup? I like his chances.  – James Todd

Dynasty Rookie Rankings

1Cooper, Amari OAK WR776
2Gurley, Todd STL RB770
3Gordon, Melvin SDC RB737
4White, Kevin CHI WR729
5Parker, DeVante MIA WR726
6Perriman, Breshad BAL WR708
7Agholor, Nelson PHI WR699
8Green-Beckham, Dorial TEN WR694
9Coleman, Tevin ATL RB661
10Abdullah, Ameer DET RB661
11Yeldon, T.J. JAC RB647
12Strong, Jaelen HOU WR635
13Mariota, Marcus TEN QB607
14Funchess, Devin CAR WR597
15Johnson, Duke CLE RB578
16Johnson, David ARI RB560
17Williams, Maxx BAL TE557
18Winston, Jameis TBB QB552
19Smith, Devin NYJ WR548
20Dorsett, Phillip IND WR541
21Lockett, Tyler SEA WR529
22Ajayi, Jay MIA RB525
23Conley, Chris KCC WR470
24Cobb, David TEN RB465
25Allen, Javorius BAL RB457
26Coates, Sammie PIT WR451
27Langford, Jeremy CHI RB443
28Smelter, DeAndre SFO WR422
29Davis, Mike SFO RB389
30Jones, Matt WAS RB377
31Diggs, Stefon MIN WR372
32Montgomery, Ty GBP WR362
33Mayle, Vince CLE WR345
34Hardy, Justin ATL WR337
35Waller, Darren BAL WR328
36Zenner, Zach DET RB298
37McBride, Tre TEN WR278
38Walford, Clive OAK TE255
39Robinson, Josh IND RB236
40Greene, Rashad JAC WR235
41Crowder, Jamison WAS WR223
42James, Jesse PIT TE219
43Bell, Kenny TBB WR219
44Sasser, Bud STL WR215
45Davis, Devante PHI WR200
46Williams, Karlos BUF RB193
47Artis-Payne, Cameron CAR RB167
48Kroft, Tyler CIN TE161
49Petty, Bryce NYJ QB143
50Hundley, Brett GBP QB141
51Johnson, Gus OAK RB140
52Heuerman, Jeff DEN TE113
53Grayson, Garrett NOS QB95
54Varga, Tyler IND RB94
55Bell, Blake SFO TE86
56Watson, Terrell CIN RB85
57Nelson, JJ ARI WR77
58Carter, Duron IND WR61
59MyCole Pruitt57
60Carter, DeAndre BAL WR52
61Brown, Malcom STL RB51
62Rawls, Thomas SEA RB45
63Davis, Titus SDC WR44
64Murphy, Marcus NO RB43
65Lippett, Tony MIA WR38
66Scheuerman, Ross PIT RB30
67Greenberry, Deontay FA WR28
68Goodley, Antwan FA WR24
69Alford, Mario CIN WR24
70Crockett, John GB RB23
71Norwood, Levi CHI WR20
72O'Leary, Nick BUF TE20
73Smith, Dreamius, SD RB20
74Mannion, Sean STL QB15
75Bailey, Rasheed PHI WR13
76Rasheed Williams, DET RB13
77James O'Shaughnessy, KC TE11
78Dyer, Michael FA RB10
79Synjyn Days, DAL RB8
80Fajardo, Cody OAK QB6
81Brown, Dominique TB RB6

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