​Moneyball Meets Basketball; The Undervalued DeSean Jackson: Dean Oliver, TruMedia – Numbers Game 27

Episode 27 (December 2, 2015): The twenty-seventh episode of The Numbers Game (@NumbersGamePod), a RotoViz Radio powered podcast, with a discussion on basketball analytics, and whether DeSean Jackson is one of the most undervalued wide receivers in the NFL.

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Hosts: Matthew Freedman (@MattFtheOracle) & Kevin Cole (@Cole_Kev)

Sponsor: DraftKings (@DraftKings)

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Guest: Dean Oliver (@DeanO-Lytics)

Dean is an engineer, statistician, the author of Basketball on Paper, has worked with pro teams, ESPN, and currently is Vice President of Data Science at TruMedia Networks. Dean enlightens us on the importance of efficiency and how he brought Moneyball-style analysis to Basketball; whether inefficient scorers are viewed too harshly by advanced metrics; if the Warriors are one of the best teams ever; and what important discoveries he made about football player performance outside of his development of the Total QBR metric.

Host Discussion: Is DeSean Jackson the Most Undervalued Receiver in the NFL?

Kevin & Matt discuss how difficult it is to judge running back talent, and if it’s right to claim success when one finally breaks out; and Kevin talks about his with-or-without-you (WOWY) analysis of DeSean Jackson, how the speedy wideout has consistent made his quarterbacks better, and if Chip Kelly’s biggest mistake was releasing Jackson two years ago.

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Show Notes

The show’s introduction is provided by the vocal talents of Randy E. Aguebor (@RandyAguebor), the Affordable James Earl Jones.

Our theme music is by Black Ant.

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