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The RotoViz WR Elite 8: (2) Corey Coleman vs (7) Tyler Boyd

The Rotoviz WR Prospect Sweet 16 Tournament matches the top incoming prospects in a head-to-head March Madness style format. Various RotoViz writers break down each match-up with the winner moving on to the next round.

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(2) Corey Coleman vs (15) Aaron Burbridge

(7) Tyler Boyd vs (10) Sterling Shepard

14 wr sweet 16

(2) Corey Coleman vs (7) Tyler Boyd

Corey Coleman enters this match-up as the highest ranked wide receiver left in the tournament. Coleman cruised past Aaron Burbridge in the first round. Coleman brings in top-notch production coming off a 2015 season that saw him put up 20 touchdowns in Baylor’s high octane offense. While some analysts are concerned with the limited route tree he ran while at Baylor, there is no denying his over the last two seasons.

Tyler Boyd has been one of the top WRs in college football over the last three years. A lackluster combine along with struggles to consistently find the end zone have some questioning Boyd as an elite prospect. Armed with a strong age-adjusted resume, Boyd comes into this match-up with an elite 0.43 career market share of receiving yards during his time at Pitt. Will it be enough to push him past the top WR left in the tourney?Heatmap Coleman v Boyd

Scott Smith – Tyler Boyd:  If Boyd would have put up better numbers at the combine I have a feeling this might not be close. A lot of people like Coleman and I can understand their reasoning. Does Baylor’s offense help or hurt Coleman’s total college body of work? Landing spot could ultimately be the difference in the trajectories of their careers. I see Boyd as a more productive version of Allen Hurns where as Coleman seems like a reduction of Kendall Wright.

Anthony Amico – Corey Coleman:  Boyd could beat a lot of other players in this tournament based on production, but Coleman is probably the most productive player in this class and, based on what we have seen so far, has much better measurables. Boyd falls here, but should feel no shame as Coleman is probably my top WR in the class right now.

Shawn Siegele – Tyler Boyd:  Boyd crushes Coleman in career market share yards and both players have been used heavily as rushers, which is one of the only other metrics that’s significant in projecting WRs. Both players are undervalued. (I am selecting Coleman in all of my MFL10s, which argues in the other direction.)

Matthew Freedman – Corey Coleman:  Not. Even. Close. Coleman actually isn’t all that much smaller than Boyd, but he was way more productive in college and athletic in his pre-draft workouts. Coleman justifies his significantly higher price tag. I think he’s undervalued. And all of RotoViz knows that I think Boyd is overvalued. In all fairness, I would pick Coleman over almost anybody. It’s not Boyd’s fault that he’s losing this match-up.

Charles Kleinheksel – Tyler Boyd:  Matches or beats Coleman in all the relevant categories. Probably going to be cheaper in both real and fake drafts as well.

Justin Winn – Corey Coleman:  There’s an argument to be made for Coleman as the best WR prospect in this class. He’s young, has good age-adjusted and market share production, tremendous raw production, has decent size, and is possibly a freak athlete. To top it off, he’s going to be drafted in the first round. I like Boyd, but I’m not even sure he ends up being a bargain in rookie drafts so he just has no way to beat Coleman here.

Ryan Lessard – Corey Coleman:  Another extremely close match-up here. These are two guys that are tough to compare as they did very different things from a collegiate production standpoint. I think Coleman and Boyd probably have a similar ceiling, but Coleman’s floor looks to be higher than Boyd’s. Coleman looks like a Brandin Cooks clone, which I think is a good thing. He’s produced from both a raw numbers and market share perspective at a young age. Boyd on the other hand has produced in a variety of ways for his team, which, as Jon Moore has written, can be valuable to consider but I think makes it tougher to find a good sample of similar prospects. For the additional unknowns coming from Boyd I’m going with Coleman, who I think is likely the No. 2 WR prospect in this year’s draft.

Tim Talmadge – Corey Coleman:  Boyd is a solid prospect but Coleman has a special profile. He blows Boyd away athletically and his ability to score touchdowns is off the charts.

Christopher Gerrish – Tyler Boyd:  Corey Coleman is very exciting, he’s the sexy pick here for sure. I just love Tyler Boyd too much to be distracted by him. I won’t harp on Boyd’s collegiate production, most of the guys in here have discussed it. But I will say that we’d be talking about it even more if Pitt didn’t have Boyd dotting the I and running jet sweeps so often last year. He had 349 rush yards! Following a sophomore campaign where he was used so heavily in the pass game that he corralled 52-percent of his teams total receiving yards. Weird. Anyways, Tyler Boyd has vice grips for hands and Corey Coleman is allergic to run blocking. He’s also going to hit that rookie wall real early coming from that ‘take plays off’ Baylor offense. Just a guess.

Final Result

In a battle that had the RotoViz pundits split, Corey Coleman edges out Tyler Boyd and moves on to the Final Four. Coleman’s touchdown production should not be overlooked and could ultimately see him as the top WR chosen in the NFL draft after a lackluster pro day by Laquon Treadwell. Boyd leaves this tournament with both fans as well as detractors. He is worth keeping an eye on as he could turn out to be a nice value pick come draft time. Coleman moves on to meet the red hot Leonte Carroo in the Final Four in what could be the most argued match-up to date.

 Have your own takes on this match-up? Please comment on the message boards or hit us up on Twitter to keep the conversation going. Also be on the look out on twitter for your chance to make your vote heard in the Final Four as I run a poll to see who the fans think should advance.

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