Sammy Watkins and Tyrod Taylor Benefited from Midseason Change
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Source: How London changed everything and brought Bills’ Taylor, Watkins together – Story

“We spent some time talking a lot in London. We were actually getting treatment at the same time, so we actually spent a lot of time talking and getting on the same page,” Taylor told WGR. “When it was time to come back on the field for both of us, we would talk through a lot of things. I remember coming off the bye week and actually throwing some with him and just trying to get on the same page, and understanding that he’s one of the top receivers in this league and I have to get him the ball.”There was a definitive switch in philosophy from Taylor, who seemed like his first responsibility was to avoid making a costly mistake early on. Then once the Bills came back from the bye week, and both players were healthy, they turned those conversations into results.

There’s a recurring discussion on Twitter involving our own Jacob Rickrode, along with PFF’s Pat Thorman and a rotating cast of other combatants, as to whether or not Sammy Watkins can be a league winner. The con side of the argument focuses on the low pass volume of the Rex Ryan/Greg Roman offense, while the pro side of the argument shares some common ground with my earlier offseason article on Watkins.

Because I wrote a pro-Watkins article earlier in the offseason, and for the purposes of full disclosure, I should probably mention that I recently traded him away. I traded him1 for A.J. Green, who is older and thus theoretically would have less value for that reason. Except that I think Green could have a monster season and if he does that then his dynasty value would be very likely to benefit. But I should also be clear that I still think Watkins is one of the most valuable dynasty assets you can have. I just needed a player I could trade for Green, and Watkins was it.

I’ll try to write up my A.J. Green thoughts at some point but they basically boil down to targets. His offense lost 150 targets in free agency and even though I like Tyler Boyd, I think it will be a year or so before the best option in the passing game isn’t just throwing it up to A.J. Green. I realize that the age clock is ticking and I’m playing a pretty dangerous game that could easily go against me if I’m wrong. However, while in general I’m very bullish on Watkins, because he does play in a lower volume offense I think it’s possible that there might be some chance to jump back in and buy him again. Since per game target numbers have the potential to fluctuate, and since Watkins’ offense does exist at the lower range of passing volume, I could see him stringing together four to five underwhelming games, in which case I would love to start shooting out offers to try to get him back. That’s actually how I acquired him in the first place. He was under-performing and I just figured he couldn’t keep sucking forever.

For more reading, check out Charles Kleinheksel’s article where he said that Tyrod Taylor is his favorite dynasty buy low.

  1. and a throw in draft pick  (back)
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