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Leonard Fournette, Corey Davis, and the 2017 Draft Age Database

This is a database of birth dates for all skill position player prospects expected to be considered during the 2017 NFL Draft. 

If you’re familiar with RotoViz, you realize we do things a little differently, because we are all insane.

The way we approach the NFL draft, and prospect evaluation, is no exception. You won’t find nuanced, amateur film breakdown anywhere on our website. What you will find, are numbers. Lots and lots of numbers.

One concept we are obsessed with is how numbers can predict the future (at least in a football sense). Through extended research, we realized that one number that is incredibly important for predicting NFL success is age:

“Breakout Age” is a concept that combines age and “Dominator Rating,” which is the average of a player’s team market share of receiving touchdowns and yards.1

Age matters, and is also a key component of draft capital, with both wide receivers and running backs getting progressively older as the draft pick used on them gets lower.

Below are the birth dates for every skill position prospect expected to be considered in this year’s draft. Note, “Final Age” means the age they were on 12/31 of their final college season (which in this case is 12/31/16). This is the age used for the Phenom Index metric. “Rookie Age” denotes their age on 12/31 of their rookie season in the NFL (which in this case is 12/31/17).


PlayerCollegeConferenceDOBFinal AgeRookie Age
JuJu Smith-SchusterUSCPac 1211/22/199620.121.1
Chris GodwinPSUBig 102/27/199620.821.8
Isaiah FordVirginia TechACC2/9/199620.821.8
KD CannonBaylorBig 1211/5/199521.222.2
Speedy NoilTexas A&MSEC10/14/199521.222.2
Malachi DupreLSUSEC10/12/199521.222.2
Travis RudolphFSUACC9/15/199521.322.3
Greg WardHoustonAAC7/12/199521.522.5
Quincy AdeboyejoOle MissSEC5/26/199521.622.6
Fred RossMississippi StateSEC5/19/199521.622.6
Keevan LucasTulsaAAC4/10/199521.722.7
Zay JonesEast CarolinaAAC3/30/199521.722.7
Taywan TaylorWestern KentuckyUSA3/2/199521.722.7
Josh ReynoldsTexas A&MSEC2/16/199521.822.8
Corey DavisWestern MichiganMAC1/11/199521.922.9
Carlos HendersonLouisiana TechUSA12/19/199422.023.0
Zach PascalOld DominionUSA12/18/199422.023.0
John RossWashingtonPac 1211/27/199422.123.1
DeAngelo YanceyPurdueBig 1011/18/199422.123.1
Ryan SwitzerUNCACC11/4/199422.223.2
Damore'ea StringfellowOle MissSEC10/18/199422.223.2
Artavis ScottClemsonACC10/12/199422.223.2
Darren CarringtonOregonPac 1210/11/199422.223.2
James QuickLouisvilleACC10/6/199422.223.2
Mike WilliamsClemsonACC10/4/199422.223.2
Gabe MarksWashington StatePac 128/6/199422.423.4
Stacy ColeyMiamiACC5/13/199422.623.6
Trent TaylorLouisiana TechUSA4/30/199422.623.6
Shelton GibsonWest VirginiaBig 123/20/199422.723.7
Amara DarbohMichiganBig 102/1/199422.823.8
Jehu ChessonMichiganBig 1012/29/199323.024.0
Ardarius StewartAlabamaSEC12/8/199323.024.0
Dede WestbrookOklahomaBig 1211/21/199323.124.1
Travin DuralLSUSEC11/19/199323.124.1
Amba Etta-TawoSyracuseACC11/10/199323.124.1
Kenny GolladayNIUMAC11/3/199323.224.2
Mack HollinsNorth CarolinaACC9/16/199323.324.3
Cooper KuppEastern WashingtonBig Sky6/15/199323.524.5
Billy BrownShepherdMEC3/20/199323.724.7
Corey SmithOhio StateBig 103/1/199323.824.8
Garry BrownCalifornia State of PennsylvaniaDiv II


PlayerCollegeConferenceDOBFinal AgeRookie Age
Curtis SamuelOhio StateBig 108/11/199620.421.4
Joe MixonOklahomaBig 127/24/199620.521.5
Christian McCaffreyStanfordPac 126/7/199620.621.6
D'Onta ForemanTexasBig 124/24/199620.621.6
Justin JacksonNorthwesternBig 104/22/199620.621.6
Nick WilsonArizonaPac 124/21/199620.621.6
Marlon MackUSFAmerican3/7/199620.821.8
Jeremy McNicholsBoise StateMWC12/26/199521.022
Justin DavisUSCPac 1211/11/199521.222.2
Brian HillWyomingMWC11/9/199521.222.2
Jahad ThomasTempleAmerican11/6/199521.222.2
Samaje PerineOklahomaBig 129/16/199521.322.3
Dalvin CookFSUACC8/10/199521.322.3
Kareem HuntToledoMAC8/6/199521.322.3
Alvin KamaraTennesseeSEC7/25/199521.422.4
James ConnerPittsburghACC5/5/199521.622.6
Jamaal WilliamsBYUIndependent4/3/199521.722.7
Leonard FournetteLSUSEC1/18/199521.922.9
Tareon FolstonNotre DameIndependent1/11/199521.922.9
Trey EdmundsMarylandACC12/30/199422.023
Donnel PumphreySan Diego StateMWC12/6/199422.023
De'Veon SmithMichiganBig 1011/8/199422.223.2
Corey ClementWisconsinBig 1011/2/199422.223.2
Wayne GallmanClemsonACC10/1/199422.323.3
Matthew DayesNC StateACC9/3/199422.323.3
Elijah McGuireLa-LafayetteSun Belt6/1/199422.523.5
Barry SandersOklahoma StateBig 124/10/199422.723.7
Shock LinwoodBaylorBig 1210/13/199323.224.2
De'Angelo HendersonCoastal CarolinaBig South11/24/199224.125.1


PlayerCollegeConferenceDOBFinal AgeRookie Age
David NjokuMiamiACC7/10/199620.521.5
Bucky HodgesVirginia TechACC8/8/199521.422.4
Jake ButtMichiganBig 107/11/199521.522.5
Jordan LeggettClemsonACC1/31/199521.922.9
Darrell DanielsWashingtonPac 1211/22/199422.123.1
OJ HowardAlabamaSEC11/18/199422.123.1
Adam ShaheenAshlandDiv II10/24/199422.223.2
Evan EngramOle MissSEC9/2/199422.323.3
Jeremy SprinkleArkansasSEC8/10/199422.423.4
Blake JarwinOklahoma StBig 127/16/199422.523.5
Gerald EverettSo. AlabamaSun Belt6/25/199422.523.5
Cole HikutiniLouisvilleACC6/10/199422.523.5
Michael RobertsToledoUSA5/7/199422.623.6
Pharaoh BrownOregonPac 125/4/199422.623.6
Eric SaubertDrakeDiv I (FCS)5/1/199422.623.6
Scott OrndoffPittsburghACC12/16/199323.024.0
George KittleIowaBig 1010/9/199323.224.2
Cethan CarterNebraskaBig 129/5/199323.424.4
Josiah PriceMichigan StBig 107/19/199323.524.5
Hayden PlinkeUTEPUSA12/9/199224.025.0


PlayerCollegeConferenceDOBFinal AgeRookie Age
DeShone KizerNotre DameIndependent1/3/199620.921.9
Patrick MahomesTexas TechBig 129/17/199521.322.3
Deshaun WatsonClemsonACC9/14/199521.322.3
Brad KaayaMiamiACC9/3/199521.322.3
Joshua DobbsTennesseeSEC1/26/199521.922.9
Davis WebbCaliforniaPac 121/22/199521.922.9
Sefo LiufauColoradoBig 1210/29/199422.223.2
Mitch TrubiskyUNCACC8/20/199422.423.4
Nathan PetermanPittsburghACC5/4/199422.623.6
Chad KellyOle MissSEC3/26/199422.723.7
Jerod EvansVirginia TechACC1/16/199422.923.9
Bart HoustonWisconsinBig 1012/15/199323.024.0
CJ BeathardIowaBig 1011/16/199323.124.1
Zach TerrellWestern MichiganMAC5/1/199323.624.6
Alek TorgersenPennIvy
Cooper RushCentral MichiganMAC

If you think any of the information above is incorrect, or can provide any of the missing information, please post in the comments, or reach out via Twitter. 

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