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The RotoViz WR Great Eight: (1) Courtland Sutton vs. (8) Simmie Cobbs

The RotoViz Wide Receiver Prospect Sweet 16 Tournament matches the top incoming prospects in a head-to-head March Madness style format. Various RotoViz writers break down each matchup with the winner moving on to the next round.

2018 WR GREAT 8

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Courtland Sutton snuck by the first round in a closely contested matchup with USC’s Deontay Burnett. As the top seed in this competition, Sutton has gotten some flack for having a down 2017 and losing market share to Trey Quinn. With a .296 DR, Sutton leaves himself open to some criticism from our panel. Will a down season overshadow the rest of Sutton’s resume and leave him ope to be upset?

Simmie Cobbs opened the Sweet 16 round with a win over Auden Tate mainly due to the lack of production from the Florida State product. Cobbs will offer a cheaper acquisition cost in this matchup as well as a final season DR 0f .275. Cobbs offers a physical profile that can succeed in the red zone and rival Sutton. Will he pull of the upset?

Anthony Amico – Courtland Sutton:  My updated WR model thinks that Sutton is about average for a second round receiver. However, it doesn’t seem to like Cobbs at all, with a projection of just 82.5. I don’t think that Sutton will be a stud, but do think he will be fantasy viable. Right now, it seems as though Cobbs won’t be.

John Lapinski – Courtland Sutton: Sutton may end up being somewhat over-drafted in rookie drafts due to the lack of elite receivers at the top. That being said, Cobbs profiles as a player that is unlikely to yield fantasy-usefulness no matter where he is drafted.

Scott Smith – Courtland Sutton:  In a matchup of two players with similar size, Sutton trumps Cobbs both athletically and from a production standpoint. Add in the fact that Sutton simply hasn’t been playing WR very long, and he just seems to have more upside period.

Matt Wispe – Courtland Sutton:  Cobbs started off the season with an ideal performance but fell off afterwards. Sutton dipped from his 39 percent MS of receiving yards in 2016, but still posted a respectable 28 percent in 2017. He also finished with three straight years over 30 percent MS of touchdowns. Sutton is likely overpriced as a mid-first round rookie pick, but he still advances against a questionable prospect.

Jordan Hoover – Courtland Sutton:  Both prospects share similar size profiles and breakout ages. Sutton, however, is much more athletic, boasts a better career production profile, and is all but guaranteed to be drafted inside the top-50 picks. Cobbs is an okay late-round dart throw, but probably not much more.

Blair Andrews – Courtland Sutton:  Cobbs’ best comparable according to PlayerProfiler is Laquon Treadwell. Yikes! I think Sutton is over-seeded here, but he should win this matchup easily.

Ryan Bobbitt – Courtland Sutton:  This is an easier draw than Sutton’s opener versus Deontay Burnett. Sutton has better production and is a much better athlete, albeit with nearly identical breakout ages. He’s going to have immediate opportunity and while his mid-first round cost in rookie drafts is a little more than I’d to pay, he still cruises in this matchup.

Shawn Siegele – Courtland Sutton:  Shedding hype after a (relatively) poor 2017 season, Sutton moves into value territory with similarities to JuJu Smith-Schuster, a player whose production profile was underappreciated due to his final season numbers.

Cort Smith – Courtland Sutton:  Sutton broke out a little older than we’d like to see, but he is starting to creep into value territory, especially considering his 39 percent market share as a freshman.

Hasan Rahim – Courtland Sutton:  Sutton handily outshines Cobbs in this matchup. Although Sutton’s freshman year injury contributed to missing the BOA threshold for Amico’s regression tree, his remaining numbers still placed him in a node with excellent NFL success.


Courtland Sutton comes through with a clean sweep versus Simmie Cobbs. Sutton’s 31 TDs over the last three years will likely set him up to be drafted earlier than Cobbs and see more early opportunity at the next level. The latest version of the Rotoviz Scouting Index has Sutton coming in as the No. 2 rated WR. Our writers seem to agree with that assessment in this matchup as Sutton cruises on.

Sutton moves on to the Final Four and will face off against the winner of (4) Christian Kirk vs. (5) D.J. Moore.

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