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Battling the TwoQBs Experts in the Superflex Mock Draft – Round 2

Whether you’re an experienced 2QB/Superflex drafter or a novice, get some additional help from the staff at TwoQBs. The 2018 2QB/Superflex Draft Guide is created with 2QB/Superflex players in mind and is an invaluable tool to help dominate your league.

To show you what picking in a superflex draft entails, we’ve partnered with TwoQBs for a 12-team mock draft.

Scoring settings to note: 12 teams, 4 points per passing touchdown, 0.5 PPR. You can follow our draft and peruse the final rosters.

The participants in this draft are experienced superflex drafters from TwoQBs and RotoViz. Listed by draft order, they are: Blair Andrews, Giana Pacinelli, Hasan Rahim, Chris Allen, John Lapinski, Greg Smith, Anthony Spangler, FFGhost, Matt Giraldi, Eric Moody, Justin Edwards and Bobby Koch


The second round of the RotoViz/TwoQBs Superflex Mock Draft began with a continuation of what we saw in Round 1, with three RBs and one WR selected between picks 2.01 and 2.04. And with only two QBs selected through the first two rounds of this superflex mock, it would seem the participants are placing their faith in the overall quality and depth of the QB position.

While the QB position is being faded a bit, the value of being able to start a second QB each week will prevent this draft from resembling anything close to the traditional late-round QB strategy seen in single-QB leagues. A modified early-round QB or “stud-n-scrub” draft strategy appear to be in play here, with 2QB ADP data suggesting we could see an uptick in QB selections in Rounds 4-7.

Pick Overall Franchise Player Position
2.01 13 @RekedFantasy Melvin Gordon RB
2.02 14 @Justin_Redwards Dalvin Cook RB
2.03 15 @EricNMoody Leonard Fournette RB
2.04 16 @Mgiraldi Keenan Allen WR
2.05 17 @TheFFGhost Deshaun Watson QB
2.06 18 @AnthonySpang Devonta Freeman RB
2.07 19 @gregsauce Christian McCaffrey RB
2.08 20 @FF_Skiball Rob Gronkowski TE
2.09 21 @ChrisAllenFFWX A.J. Green WR
2.10 22 @hrr2010 Davante Adams WR
2.11 23 @Gianaaaa Aaron Rodgers QB
2.12 24 @AmItheRealBlair Jerick McKinnon RB


It wasn’t until @TheFFGhost selected Deshaun Watson at pick 2.05 that our first QB came off the board. As Hasan mentioned in his Round 1 recap, Aaron Rodgers is currently the only QB with a first-round ADP, according to data collected by With that in mind, I asked FFGhost about his mindset when he drafted Watson.

With elite, veteran QBs like Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton still available, what was the deciding factor in Selecting Deshaun Watson? Are you concerned about his pending regression in TD rate from last season?

His upside is undeniable, in my opinion. The running game in Houston didn’t improve during the offseason and even a slight regression in TDs would still result in an excellent return on investment. Other options have their drawbacks as well, such as Rodgers losing Jordy Nelson or Brady missing Julian Edelman for the beginning of the season. Watson also has a degree of mobility that is, arguably, the best of all QBs except for maybe Wilson. In a 2QB/Superflex format I’m looking for upside, something Watson is synonymous with.

Watson Chart

Like many of us, FFGhost has high expectations for Watson in 2018. To meet those expectations, however, Watson managers will need him to overcome a sure-fire drop in touchdown rate (9.3 percent in 2017) but still flirt with the 24.1 points-per-game average he maintained until his season-ending injury prior to Week 8.


When a top player at their position falls in a draft, even just a few spots, being the lucky one to capitalize on the value can feel a bit like thievery. One of the many great things about superflex leagues is that it adds quarterbacks into the mix of players who can be had at a bargain. And with @Gianaaaa’s selection of Rodgers at pick 2.11, we may have already witnessed the steal of this year’s RotoViz/TwoQBs mock draft.

Was Rodgers the clear QB1 for your team and were you concerned that you would have missed out on him, following the 2-3 turn, had you not selected him at 2.11?

Rodgers was the clear QB1 for my team, though I didn’t necessarily want to take a QB with my second pick. However, if I was going to take any QB with my first two picks, it wouldn’t have been anyone other than Rodgers.

I didn’t go with WR or RB because I didn’t see anyone providing more value to my team. Mike Evans, Jarvis Landry, and Travis Kelce were still available but I felt a similar value would still be there for me in the 3rd round. Had I passed on Rodgers there, and he didn’t make it back to me early in the 3rd, I would’ve continued to punt on QB.

Rodgers Chart

Rodgers going nearly a full round later than his current ADP is undoubtedly huge news for Gianna. In his recent QB1 seasons of 2014 and 2016, Rodgers threw for over 4,300 yards and 38 and 40 TDs, respectively. Nelson’s departure to Oakland will make repeating those performances challenging. However, Rodgers is a candidate to lead the league in passing attempts given the questions surrounding the Packers’ running game.

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