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Micro Research, Regression, and A.J. Green – Rich Hribar: RotoViz Mailbag

The RotoViz Mailbag, the RotoViz Radio show dedicated to answering your fantasy football questions.

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Host: Jeremy Hardt (@FantasyGumshoe), Contributor for RotoViz
Guest: Rich Hribar (@LordReebs), NFL Writer for RotoWorld


Jeremy and Rich Discuss why we can expect regression for A.J. Green and the Cincinnati Bengals, why they are both targeting guy like Tevin Coleman and Rex Burkhead in the middle rounds, and why regression is going to impact Alshon Jeffery and the Philadelphia Eagles from the other side of the fence. Rich talks about what to expect from Marlon Mack and receivers in the Indianapolis Colts offense, why Mitch Trubisky will out perform his ADP, and why it is still hard to pull the trigger on Cam Meredith.


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