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GLSP and Using the Optimal DFS Lineup App for Week 1

While RotoViz already provides excellent projection tools like the GLSP and the Weekly Explorer from FFDraftPrep, putting all that information together to come up with an optimal DFS lineup is still not easy. The Optimal DFS Lineup app will allow you to compute the optimal DFS lineup using our projections and your own preferences about players to include or exclude.

How To Use It

First, choose the DFS site you are playing from the drop-down on the top. The app currently supports DraftKings and FanDuel.

Second, choose the position — RB, WR, or TE — that you want to use in the flex. If you are unsure, you can try each of them to see which gives you the best results; however, you will most likely get the best team by using an RB (the default) in the flex. Remember that, while RBs are the riskiest position over the season, they are actually the most predictable week-to-week. In particular, the fact that RBs have more serious, multi-week injuries is not a worry here, since you can simply pick another player when you know that RB is out. (Your biggest worry may come in the form of WRs who are playing injured and simply acting as decoys.)

Finally, click the “Compute” button to see the optimal lineup. It will take a few seconds for the computation to finish, during which time, you will see a progress bar advance from 0—100 percent.

Advanced Configuration

If the lineup includes a player you do not want, then you can block them by selecting their position next to the “X” icon and then their name. Clicking “Compute” again will produce a lineup without that player.

On the other hand, if there is a player you want to force into your lineup, you can lock them in by selecting their position next to the lock icon and then their name. Re-compute to see the optimal lineup with that player included.

How It Works

The app works by computing the projected points for every possible lineup meeting the constraints you set above. The projections for Week 1 were created by the author of our FFDraftPrep tools, Dave Caban, using the same methodology as our Game Level Similarity Projection apps, which will be available after Week 1.

If you are unfamiliar with them, the GLSP apps find past examples that are similar to a given player in terms of their recent past performances, the performances of the defense they are facing, and the Vegas lines. It computes a projection by averaging the points scored by the most similar past examples.

The Optimal DFS Lineup App

Here is the app, pre-loaded with projections for Week 1:

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