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RotoViz Lead Writer Announcement and a Big Thanks to the Writing Team

Another Patriots championship officially wraps up the 2018 campaign, and we’re off and running with NFL draft season, dynasty startups, and best ball leagues. The future looks bright at RotoViz with a number of big developments on the horizon, but I wanted to start the new year by recognizing the fantastic work of our crack writing staff. Seven writers distinguished themselves with the quantity and quality of their in-season contributions and will be elevated to Lead Writer status. Four other featured writers played a big role in our in-season content and will be recognized as well.

Lead Writers

John Lapinski

Few writers can aspire to being as good at either dynasty or best ball as John is in both. He won the 2017 writing contest, quickly established himself as one of our top dynasty analysts, and then made readers laugh with his hilarious journey through the FFPC’s best ball Terminator tournament. (Did I mention that John is also one of the funniest guys out there?) He was back for the 2018 Terminator and took down the title. You won’t want to miss the 2019 Dynasty Stash List.

Monty Phan

Monty brings you inside the world of high stakes fantasy football and provides the insights only one of the world’s best players can provide. And Monty is one of the world’s best. He’s won an FFPC Main Event league title for four consecutive seasons and was the top overall scorer during the 2017 regular season. While he finished ninth in the post-season, his roster was the top non-Gurley team in the competition.

One of the top best ball players in the industry, Monty took down the prestigious Bare Knuckles tournament in 2018. As one of fantasy’s most accomplished players, you might expect Monty’s work to sound self-congratulatory, but it’s the opposite. His lively prose is a breath of fresh air, and his constant humor makes him one of my favorite reads.

Hasan Rahim

If there’s a better guy in fantasy, I’m not sure who it is. Hasan finished second in our 2017 writing contest, and then advanced so quickly through the ranks that he coordinated the 2018 version.1 Hasan co-hosts the RotoViz Report podcast with Blair Andrews and writes in many capacities. He was the author of the Ultimate Zero RB Watch List in 2018, an in-season feature for which the site is famous.

Jordan Hoover

Our 2016 writing contest winner, Jordan is the resident college football guru and developmental dynasty ranker. When the Devy Breaks is stuffed with advanced CFB stats during the fall, and he runs the Bowl Prospect Series as winter rolls around. Jordan’s work on First-Year Workhorse numbers for running backs has helped demonstrate the importance of breakout age in prospect evaluation. His ranking of the top 40 fantasy prospects for the 2019 draft will help you get an early jump on the competition.

Neil Dutton

One of our contributors from across the pond (Liverpool), Neil is always good for the perfect British colloquialism in the midst of his tight end evaluations. He’s a TE guru in the days where that’s increasingly important, but Neil has covered almost every area for RotoViz, including WR target analysis, prospect evaluation, dynasty, redraft and more. Don’t miss his current series where he helps you find the closest comps for last year’s rookie class and looks at what they did in Year 2.

Cort Smith

A jack-of-all trades, Cort spent time as an editor last season before emerging as one of our most popular writers. Cort authors many of our reader favorites, including Why Buy Player X When You Can Spend Less on Player Y. His Bold Prediction series used our advanced stats to uncover under-ther-radar trends and was almost oracular in nature. But Cort’s best pick occurred during the redraft prep season when his 2018 Super Sleepers column encouraged you to buy Phillip Lindsay.

Ben Battle

Ben won the aforementioned 2018 writing contest and proved it was no fluke by immediately becoming one of our top contributors. He penned multiple in-season articles, including the immensely popular Buy Low Report. Ben helped owners win leagues through targets like T.Y. Hilton.2 Tennis fans should also keep an eye out for a potential tennis package later in the year. A top tennis player, Ben gives us a ringer in that sport as well.

Featured Writers

Devin McIntyre

Devin writes our in-season trade column and is a legend on the message boards with his combination of stats and intuition on the trading front. No one has a better sense of player value. He routinely gets our readers out of untenable positions just before the crash. Devin has also provided key insights on contingency-based drafting, including the way in-season teammate injuries influence player volume.

Ryan Bobbitt

Ryan is often the voice behind the RotoViz official twitter account and has been a great ambassador for the site. With a focus on dynasty and prospect evaluation, Ryan is best known for the Returning Dominators series that focuses on the top college producers at WR.

Matt Jones

Matt hosts On the Daily for RotoViz Radio and wrote the DK Buffett, a cornucopia of weekly stats for the avid DFS player. But that still pales next to his ownership projections for golf. Don’t miss the PGA package when it debuts shortly.

Michael Dubner

Michael has been one of our ace DFS writers for several seasons, but he really emerged in 2018 with his FanDuel Core series. Using the Weekly Stat Explorer and the RotoViz Screener, his lineup pieces are loaded with all the advanced stats users needed to take down their contests. His 2019 projects include videos to help users better deploy these tools for their own lineup construction efforts.

If you want to jump in with content from any these writers, we’re continuing our low January pricing for one more week. Right now you can get a 24-month subscription for $55, only $5 more than a six-month subscription will cost this summer. Just click on any of these linked articles and subscribe.

  1. The winner was supposed to receive an entry in the Scott Fish Bowl, but Scott was so impressed with the results that he gave out four total entries.  (back)
  2. I won my first Iron Throne title due in no small part to Ben’s recommendations.  (back)

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