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Best Ball Round Table, Part 3: How to Manage a Poor Draft Slot and Why 2019 Could Usher in a Fantasy Points Explosion

I recently asked the gang to get together for a round table discussion looking at all of the biggest questions in best ball. I wanted to dive into the actionable intel found in the FFPC, Fanball, and DRAFT dashboards, as well as the Roster Construction Explorers for each format.

Joining me today are some of the more decorated best ball players in the industry. Monty Phan and John Lapinski are veterans of the FFPC wars with 2018 Bare Knuckles and Terminator titles as two of their most recent trophies. They’re joined by Mike Beers, the best ball guru himself and 2017 Pros Vs Joes overall champion, and Curtis Patrick.1 Michael Dubner is our resident DRAFT ace, while I’ve spilled some ink this summer with 14 lessons in the BestBall10s workshop

To make the conversation easier to follow, I’ve divided the round table by topic and credited each author with a byline. In the first installment, we looked at our must-own players and discuss the difficulties of TE selection in 2019. In Part 2, we dived into our favorite hacks from the Roster Construction Explorer. Today, we explore what to do when you’re stuck with a bad draft slot, when to use Zero RB, and why 2019 could see another huge explosion in fantasy scoring. – Shawn Siegele

Bad Draft Slots, Zero RB, and the Roster Construction Explorer

We left off in Part 2 with Monty discussing how he handles a weaker draft slot. What happens if you’re left without access to Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, and Alvin Kamara?

How to Handle a Tough Draft Slot

For a little more context, these were the Zero RB results for 2018 according to the Fanball Roster Construction Explorer.

RB1 After Round 5 – 2018


Who Is Your Go-To RB If You Can’t Land One of the Big 5?

2019 Is Going To Be A Game-Changer

Have we convinced you that 2019 will be the most fun fantasy season in history? Can’t wait for Shawn’s Zero RB Candidates list and want to find out who he’s picked as the 2019 Nick Chubb? Make sure you check out the research from all of our Round Table authors.

In Part 4, we look at the best features from the RCE and the Best Ball Command Center that users might not know about. Until then, learn how to Post a Quick 15% Win Rate on DRAFT and peruse all of Michael Dubner’s DRAFT Workshop.

Why You Should Limit Your Onesie Selections to Only 4 Picks in DRAFT 
The QB and TE Windows: A Contrarian Approach to the Onesies
The Onesie Strategy for Tournament Entries
When to Draft Your Tournament Entries to Maximize Points
The Top WR Values in DRAFT Leagues
Zero RB Will Win Someone 1,000,000 – DRAFT Championship Strategies

Image Credit: Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire. Pictured: Aaron Jones.

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