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How to Prevent Your Dynasty Team from Getting Old

Youth is one of the key variables in building a successful dynasty fantasy football team, but how do you know when your team is getting too old, and what strategy can you apply to get a leg up on the competition?

For skill positions, the production window is short and the time to buy ahead of a production (and trade value) increase typically occurs earlier than many dynasty owners are aware. If your team is filled with late-20s players, you’ll be unable to compete within a few years. And the hardest part is that your dynasty teams only get younger if you are proactive about it. Weird fact about time: All of your players will be a year older next season.

Some fantasy players give their team a natural cut-off: I’ll never keep a skill-position player past age 30! But there are a whole bunch of years between 21 and 30 (and beyond), and your roster isn’t the only one fighting Father Time. All of your leaguemates are probably trying to do the same. But you can use the RotoViz tools and some simple math to ensure you are perpetually adding younger players to your dynasty squad. Here’s how.

Using the RotoViz Screener to Get Age Data

The RotoViz Screener is one of our best tools. It gives you practically any information about any player in any scenario.

But it also has a powerful age variable that isn’t used enough. And you can tap into that tech to easily audit your dynasty fantasy team.

The process is simple:

  • Step 1: Set the Screener to analyze all years from 2015 onward.1
  • Step 2: Select all positions and set PPR points and Age as the “display variables.”2
  • Step 3: Click “Search the Database”.3

You now have data about every player’s age — and it takes less than two minutes.

Get Off My Lawn: Find Your Old Dudes

With age data about every player, you can now quickly analyze areas of age-related strength and weakness on your team. You can either search for players in the Screener or use a lookup function in Excel/Google Sheets and mark the age of each player on your roster. Either way, it takes less than 10 minutes.

You can repeat the process for every other team in your league. If you do this, I recommend using Excel or Google Sheets so it goes a little faster. 

Dynasty youth strategy: Using my team as a case study

Here’s an example of a dynasty roster I just took over (my team shown in red):


Dynasty team age analysis QBsMy quarterbacks are old as hell. I knew that just by looking at the team I took over (Kirk Cousins, Eli Manning, Andy Dalton),4 but this analysis also reveals that my quarterbacks are really old compared to my competition.


The RB situation on the team I took over isn’t bad from an age perspective, anchored by Le’Veon Bell and Kerryon Johnson. In fact, the average age of my running backs is below 24.

I can be looking to improve the skill of my players, but this analysis reveals that RB age doesn’t need to be a concern for me right away as I take over this team.


My WRs may not seem old (average age of 26.7), but compared to my leaguemates, I actually have the second-oldest group of WRs in the league. This is why doing an analysis of your team compared to the competition is helpful.

It might not be a problem this season, but my WRs are going to age out much faster than my leaguemates. By doing this study, I know that I need to address this area.


With the fourth-youngest group of TEs in my league with an average age of about 25, I should be in good shape here for the next year or two.

Key takeaways: 

This study takes less than 15 minutes and can help you easily identify areas of age-related strength and weakness on your dynasty roster.

Using my team as an example, without this research, I never would have thought my WRs needed to get younger. Now I know that my QBs and WRs need to be addressed first, while (at least from an age perspective), my RBs and TEs can come next. It’s a simple dynasty youth strategy, but one that not enough people use.

It’s incredibly easy to use the RotoViz Screener to analyze the macro trends of your roster and see how you stack up against your leaguemates. There’s no more excuse for letting your roster — or specific positions within your roster — get old.

Image Credit: Steven King/Icon Sportswire. Pictured: Kerryon Johnson.

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  1. You have to do this in case there are some players on your roster that didn’t play in recent seasons due to injury, retirement, etc. Note however that the ages included in the Screener are for the season in question, so players who didn’t play last year might require a little math.  (back)
  2. Feel free to add other variables if you’re interested, but for the sake of this project, age is the only one I care about.  (back)
  3. You can either download the results or just keep this page open in its own tab.  (back)
  4. Yeah, this is changing before the season starts.  (back)

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