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College Football DFS Main Slate: Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the College Football Season. Ryan Collinsworth and I have been having a blast tackling both GPP and Cash formats for you all season long. However this week, I combine the two into one for a mega main slate takedown!

I’ll do the same position by position player pool breakdown, but not all these guys belong in GPP contests. And not all of them belong in cash.

If you’ve been following along this season we’ve had some crazy high hit rates on our player pools, but if you have any questions on Player X versus Player Y feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @FF_TravisM. I’d be glad to help.

But without further ado, let’s dive in.


First off, let’s take a look at the best plays of the week for all things College Football DFS at the quarterback position:

PlayerTeamSalaryModel Expected Fantasy PointsPoints Per GamePass Comps + Carries / GameImplied Team PointsOpponent Pass Yds/Game Allowed
Jalen HurtsOklahoma900033.6743.7428.8349207.7
Joe BurrowLSU850031.2636.6330.540230.7
Brock PurdyIowa State810028.6928.8531.8332247.7
Kelly BryantMissouri690028.2521.952939272.3
Spencer SandersOklahoma State740027.2123.8230.8333.5226.7
Trevor LawrenceClemson730026.2823.0121.6743.5264.8
Devon ModsterCalifornia570017.954.8918.531245.3

The Cashiest of the Cashers

At this point it’s just a little bit crazy how Jalen Hurts is still averaging over 40 fantasy points per game. But that’s just what Oklahoma does with quarterbacks apparently. If you don’t have Hurts in your cash lineup you must like giving your opponents 15-point head starts. The Sooners are projected to score about 50, Hurts gives himself about 30 opportunities per game, and the matchup isn’t terrible. It is one of the tougher matchups through the air he’s faced to date, but it won’t matter. Plug him in with confidence.

Joe Burrow faces a Mississippi State team that was just snuffed by the 2-4 Tennessee Volunteers. It’s not actually a slam dunk 90th percentile matchup like a couple other quarterbacks on the slate, but the LSU vertical passing attack with a half dozen decent receiving options will make him the second-safest QB on the board. Aptly priced at $8500.

The Juicy Match-Up No Brainers

Trevor Lawrence hasn’t been his dominant self, but he gets one of the weakest defenses in college football this week in Louisville. The Cardinals have allowed over 1,750 total yards of offense in just the last three weeks, with over 1,100 of that coming through the air. Clemson should easily score 40, and Lawrence should post his best numbers yet.

Welp. Vanderbilt fans, if you’re reading this (if you even exist), your team went back to being Vanderbilt this year. And that means great things for Kelly Bryant of Missouri (formerly Clemson). Vanderbilt is allowing nearly 500 yards per game. Yes, they’ve played Georgia and LSU, but they just let UNLV drop 34 points on their face at home this past weekend. They’re weak against the pass and even weaker against the run. Bryant should score the most points above his weekly average of any QB on the slate.

The Other Guys

Brock Purdy is posting nearly 30 points per game and draws a Texas Tech team that continually finds themselves in shootouts. Purdy is also a good bet to add some safe points on the ground that you wouldn’t expect. He’s almost priced out, but the collective defense of the Red Raiders makes him a good guy to have some exposure to in GPP.

Spencer Sanders draws a surprisingly good Baylor Bears team. However they just lost their star middle linebacker and quarterback of the defense in Clay Johnston (out for the year). Johnston had nearly double the tackles of any player on the Baylor defense. With Baylor’s rush defense boasting above average numbers, Sanders will be asked to slice and dice through the air and stack his stats up. Not a super safe cash option, but certainly has the upside to win your contest thanks to his dual threat abilities.

Devon Modster might not even be a good quarterback, but he’s currently starting for California and costs the same as a middling running back at $5700. The Golden Bears will likely choose to trample the Oregon State Beavers on the ground for most of the game, but it’s actually a plus matchup through the air too. Tread carefully, but he’s a tourney-winning play that lets you afford the RB1 and WR1 candidates all over the place.

Cash Priority: (1) Hurts, (2) Burrow, (3) Lawrence, (4) Bryant

GPP Priority: (1) Hurts, (2) Burrow, (3) Bryant, (4) Lawrence, (5) Modster, (6) Sanders, (7) Purdy

Running Back

Last week was a bit sparse on running back options, but there are certainly some safer workloads this week:

PlayerSalaryModel Expected Fantasy PointsTeamPoints Per GameTouches Per GameImplied Team PointsOpponent Rush Yds/Game Allowed
Chuba Hubbard830023.59Oklahoma State35.2727.8333.5113.5
Larry Rountree III670019.29Missouri19.218.1739210.8
Travis Etienne700018.97Clemson20.021643.5174.5
Christopher Brown Jr.590017.56California16.672031205.7
Clyde Edwards-Helaire620017.12LSU18.7214.6740163.7
Tyler Badie530016.23Missouri14.91339210.8
Trey Sermon560016.16Oklahoma15.228.549176.2
Rhamondre Stevenson540015.01Oklahoma13.036.8349176.2
Kennedy Brooks530013.69Oklahoma8.2649176.2
Lamical Perine580013.31Florida15.531527.5144.7
SaRodorick Thompson520012.34Texas Tech16.5315.3325104.5
Zonovan Knight510011.84NC State9.821228191.8
Kam Martin460010.50Auburn6.5637176.3
D.J. Williams300010.26Auburn3.2737176.3
Malik Miller31007.51Auburn1.851.1737176.3

Pricey, But Profitable

Chuba Hubbard ($8300, Oklahoma State) has been just about as chalky as Jonathan Taylor (Wisconsin) all season long. He faces one of the toughest ground matchups of the year this week, but like I mentioned above, Baylor is missing their anchor at middle linebacker now. With Hubbard averaging about 28 touches per game, it’s hard not to find a way to fit him into your cash lineup.

Travis Etienne ($7000, Clemson) faces the embarrassingly bad Louisville defense that’s given up over 500 yards on the ground in just the last two weeks. Expect an early lead and a ton of easy yards for Etienne.

Despite Larry Rountree III needing the letter “d” inserted into his name to make me feel like he’s spelling it right, he’s still a great play. At $6700, Rountree might be the be best value on the board. Vanderbilt is the weakest rush defense in all 11 games on the main slate and will have no answer. Rountree’s already averaging nearly 20 touches per game too. No brainer here.

Safe Studs

Christopher Brown Jr. ($5900, California) will likely be the highest-owned RB on the slate, but it’s for good reason. He faces an Oregon State defense that’s allowed over 500 rushing yards in the last two games. He’s averaging 20 touches per game. California is without their typical starting quarterback and should rely upon Brown heavily. Step 1: play him. Step 2: profit.

I don’t have the numbers for Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s ($6200, LSU) carries inside the 10-yard line, but it has to be absurd. LSU’s high powered offense has consistently been getting Edwards-Helaire in good scoring position and he’s taken advantage. He already has seven rushing touchdowns in six games. Now he gets an atypically soft Mississippi State rush defense. Money.

Points & Opportunity

Lightning round time! These guys are either here because of implied points, solid opportunity, or some mix of both.

Tyler Badie ($5300, Missouri) catches three receptions or so every week, gets double-digit touches all the time, and now faces Vanderbilt, the weakest rush defense on the board.

Trey Sermon, Rhamondre Stevenson, and Kennedy Brooks don’t see safe workloads, but with Oklahoma potentially scoring 50 against one of the softest rush defenses on the weekend, they need to be sprinkled across your GPP lineups.

Lamical Perine ($5800, Florida) is almost priced out, but he’s grown into a near feature role with 15 touches per game. South Carolina has been tough lately, but still should be a plus matchup overall.

SaRodorick Thompson has one of the toughest matchups facing Iowa State, but he’s only $5200 and has clearly taken a feature role for Texas Tech now.

Zonovan Knight ($5100) will be the lead back for NC State (with Ricky Person out) against a putrid rush defense in Boston College.

Kam Martin, D.J. Williams, and Malik Miller will likely all see work for Auburn in what should be a thrashing of Arkansas. Martin likely leads the pack, but with Williams and Miller at near minimum pricing, they’re all GPP options.

Cash Priority: (1) Brown Jr., (2) Rountree III, (3) Hubbard, (4) Etienne, (5) Edwards-Helaire, (6) Knight

GPP Priority: (1) Brown Jr., (2) Missouri backs, (3) Etienne, (4) Hubbard, (5) Knight (6) Edwards-Helaire (7) Oklahoma backs, (8) Auburn backs

Wide Receiver

So wide receiver is a little weird this week with a ton of options across the highest-projected scoring offenses. But hey, the list started at 500, so you’re welcome for cutting it all the way down to this:

PlayerTeamSalaryModel Expected Fantasy PointsPoints Per GameTouches Per GameTeam Implied PointsOpponent Pass Yds/Game Allowed
CeeDee LambOU780019.4727.085.1749207.7
Justin JeffersonLSU730018.3327.836.6740230.7
Ja'Marr ChaseLSU770017.8329.36540230.7
Justyn RossCLEM580016.2513.785.8343.5264.8
Tee HigginsCLEM620016.1217.15443.5264.8
Tylan WallaceOKST740016.0226.726.6733.5226.7
Charleston RamboOU610015.4815.353.1749207.7
Deshaunte JonesISU580014.5320.496.6732247.7
Amari RodgersCLEM520014.2711.443.243.5264.8
Isaiah HodginsORST760013.8530.828.520.5214.8
Seth WilliamsAUB570013.5117.964.237224.5
Jadon HaselwoodOU480013.288.362.3349207.7
Denzel MimsBAY670013.2020.225.3330249.8
Johnathon JohnsonMIZZ520013.099.34.1739272.3
Emeka EmezieNCST540011.7312.975.528284.3
La'Michael PettwayISU500011.3112.884.232247.7
R.J. SneedBAY410010.0110.623.8330249.8
Jaylon ReddORE53009.8714.724.8327216.9
Van JeffersonUF53009.7411.26427.5259
Tabari HinesNCST45009.558.173.6728284.3

Stud Starts

CeeDee Lamb ($7800, Oklahoma) has a touchdown in every game this year, he’s averaging over five touches per game, and he’s on a team set to score 50. What else do you need?

Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase (both LSU) could each go off for a couple scores against Mississippi State. Both are averaging around 30 points per game and give you the highest upside of any receiver on the board given the matchup and implied points.

Isaiah Hodgins ($7600, Oregon State) is averaging nearly nine receptions per game, but just draws a bad matchup in California. He’s essentially over half of the Oregon State air attack, so he’s still trustworthy in cash, but could be a nice lower-ownership target in GPP due to the defense he’s facing.

Tylan Wallace is still racking up about seven catches per game and faces a Baylor defense missing their best player. His upside may be limited in a game where neither team likely hits 35 points, but cash is where he’ll feel safe.

Point Chasers

Charleston Rambo and Jadon Haselwood are both too risky for cash, but Oklahoma’s going to score a lot. As the WR2 and WR3 for the Sooners either could (or even should) find the end zone.

The Clemson trio of Tee Higgins, Justyn Ross, and Amari Rodgers are all now averaging over three catches per game facing one of the softest opponents possible in Louisville. Again, Louisville has given up 1,100 yards through the air in just the last three games. Now that Rodgers is looking near 100% (post ACL surgery and rehab), he’s seeing his role grow steadily. Higgins and Ross keep taking turns destroying teams by themselves.

Jonathan Johnson ($5200) for Missouri could have the best game of his life against Vanderbilt this weekend. Missouri is projected to score about 40. He’s seeing an average of more than four catches per game. And Vanderbilt is the second-weakest pass defense. Plug and play.

Seth Williams ($5700) has been dominant since getting 100% healthy, posting about 18 points per game. However, he’s still super cheap. Plus Auburn’s projected over 35 points this week against a porous Arkansas secondary.

Best of the Rest

Deshaunte Jones ($5800, Iowa State) gave CFB DFS players an absolute zero last week but faces an easier opponent now. And even after having the worst game of his career, Jones is still averaging nearly seven receptions per game on the season. He should be safe against Texas Tech.

Denzel Mims and R.J. Sneed should be the plays for Baylor. Sneed was actually the lead receiver a week ago and he’s still only $4100. Mims has been the leading point scorer though (over 20 points per game). Oklahoma State has been pretty easy against the pass this year as well.

Emeka Emezie ($5400, N.C. State) could be a week winner for a lot of people facing Boston College. BC is the worst pass defense on the season in this slate, and Emezie’s seeing nearly six catches per game. He brings an exceptional floor and incredible upside.

La’Michael Pettway ($5000, Iowa State) is the other Cyclone receiver worth looking at against Texas Tech. At $5000, he offers the best touches per game for the price on the board.

Jaylon Redd ($5300, Oregon) doesn’t face an easy defense, but he’s been the most consistent Oregon receiver all year and yet only costs $5300.

Van Jefferson ($5300, Florida) has been pretty all or nothing this season with a couple games over eight receptions and some gross in between. However, there are nearly zero receivers that present eight- and nine-reception upside at $5300. Plus South Carolina is about an 85th percentile receiving matchup so far this year. GPP only.

Tabari Hines ($4500, N.C. State) is the cheaper upside dart throw receiver for N.C. State against the joke of a Boston College defense. Probably GPP only.

Cash Priority: (1) LSU duo of Jefferson/Chase, (2) Lamb, (3) Clemson duo of Higgins/Ross, (4) Emezie, (5) Wallace, (6) Sneed

GPP Priority: (1) Lamb, (2) Hodgins, (3) Jefferson/Chase, (4) Clemson trio including Amari, (5) Mims, (6) Williams, (7) Johnson, (8) Jones

And that’s all folks! Hope your teams kill it in the main slate of Week 8 College Football. Make sure to check out Devy Weekly to learn more about breakout studs every single week of the season. Please find me on Twitter @FF_TravisM to chat more about all things college football and NFL. And as always, keep living that Dynasty Life!

Image Credit: Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire. Pictured: Justin Jefferson.

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