Dynasty Trade Targets 2020 – Wide Receiver Edition 2.0
Image Credit: Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire. Pictured: Tyreek Hill.

In Dynasty Trade Targets 2020 – Wide Receiver Edition 2.0, Curtis Patrick states his case for two wide receivers he’s buying right now, Jarvis Landry and Tyreek Hill. For more trade targets, check out Dynasty Trade Targets 2020 – Wide Receiver Edition and Dynasty Trade Targets 2020 – Running Back Edition.

As rookie fever sets in across the dynasty community, the offseason trade window also begins to crack open. I’m sharing two more of my top dynasty trade targets at the wide receiver position this month. One of these players is continually underappreciated and the other has potentially the highest ceiling of any wide receiver in the game. These wide receivers aren’t the only ones I’ll be shopping for this offseason, but they’re the players I’m targeting right now. To ensure that Dynasty Trade Targets 2020 – Wide Receiver Edition 2.0 is actionable, I’ve also listed multiple trade offers to consider for each player.

Dynasty Trade Target 1 – Jarvis Landry

It enrages me every offseason.

Jarvis Landry is such a dynasty value enigma. It’s not just him, it’s really most high-target guys who spend a lot of time aligned in the slot. But Landry is definitely the poster child. If you took the name off of the profile there’s no way he would be hanging out in the seventh round of dynasty startups. The masses have always found a reason to fade him while he quietly posts WR1 or fringe WR1 numbers year after year. When he entered the league it was the poor combine and the sub-par landing spot. Then it was the low yards-per-catch numbers and undesirable quarterback pairings. Now, it’s sharing the offense with Odell Beckham Jr.

If I asked you quickly to tell me whether Landry was better in fantasy before Beckham came to Cleveland (2018) or after (2019), I bet you’d answer most of you would answer before. But that would be wrong.

Interestingly, Landry enjoyed some of his best production in a Browns uniform after Kareem Hunt joined the party, pacing for 265 PPR when extrapolating to a full season. Hunt is a restricted free agent, meaning the Browns have full control of whether he’ll be back in 2020.

Just 27 years old, Landry still has a ton of playing in front of him; he’s entering his prime. An offseason hip procedure to correct a painful bone issue should have him feeling better than ever (again, he played through the pain and has never missed a game in his career), leaving us to wonder what his WR9 season in 2019 could have been if he’d enjoyed 100% health.

Kevin Stefanski’s arrival should be a welcome sign for both Landry and Beckham. Stefanski was part of an offensive coaching staff that drove enough volume to Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen that the pair both finished as top-10 PPR receivers in 2018 and top-19 in 2017. Given their skill sets, Landry is a closer twin to Thielen while Beckham is a closer twin to Diggs. Thielen posted back-to-back top-nine seasons the last two years he was healthy.

Landry, as always, is on sale. The hip procedure is probably helping, but this is wildly cheap.

I’m comfortable with Landry as a dynasty asset for the next several seasons and have no issues moving first-round picks for him.

Trade offer ideas – 2020 1.07 or later, Stefon Diggs for Landry + juice, Keenan Allen for Landry + juice, Marlon Mack + 2nd (if needed)

Dynasty Trade Target 2 – Tyreek Hill

Okay, we’re ramping up the difficulty level here, but guys, this can be done right now at a price that’s much more palatable than I anticipated. Tyreek Hill is desirable for myriad reasons, but on a high-level, he’s a 24-year-old franchise wide receiver married to the best quarterback in the league (Patrick Mahomes) and one of the most inventive and effective offensive minds in the league (Andy Reid).

Entering his age-26 season, Hill hasn’t even reached peak production age for wide receivers. If you believe he’s elite and that his situation is elite, then the illustration below is something to keep in mind when shopping.

Julio Jones spent three more seasons as a first-round startup pick following his age-25 season and remained a mid-second round pick at age 29 and 30.

Another reason the time might be ripe to buy Hill is Travis Kelce is entering his age 31 season, Demarcus Robinson is a free agent, and Sammy Watkins and his $21M cap hit are tied to a multitude of cut or trade rumors. The Chiefs can save $7M by cutting the former first-round pick. A lot will change this year with how the team distributes wide receiver targets, and I think Kelce may have already begun his gentle decline (2018 is looking like his peak season). As the alpha, Hill is the best bet to benefit from any uncertainty in offensive roles.

Several RotoViz staff, including me, have tagged Mecole Hardman as a great trade target this offseason. You might think that would conflict with a buy recommendation on Hill, but it doesn’t. The context leading up to this serves to reinforce the safety of Hill’s floor even if Hardman breaks out.

Four of our six dynasty rankers value Hill as a first-round startup pick, including me and TJ Calkins, who have him slotted as our No. 4 overall dynasty asset. Nobody on the team has the Cheetah ranked lower than 17 overall.

Let’s hunt for a price.

I didn’t start with the 1.01 in this value hunt. I actually think that would be a pretty difficult decision to make because of how much I (and many others on the RotoViz team) like Jonathan Taylor. Plus, the purpose of this series to find discounts. I aimed too low here, though if you squint you can start to see where the community is valuing Hill. Let’s try again.

This is a lesson in sticker shock, in a reverse sort of way, I guess. If you were trying to trade up from the 2.02 to the 1.12, it wouldn’t cost you much. Maybe an early third-round pick, or a late second-round pick at most. In dynasty values terms, it’s not much. It’s two spots and in my estimation, doesn’t move you out of a rookie tier. However, the look of two firsts totally changes the way the market perceives the deal.

Trade offer ideas – Two 2020 1sts (only one of them in the top-five), Keenan Allen + mid-late 2020 1st, Chris Godwin + 2020 2nd

If you close a deal (or one similar) to what I’ve recommended in this piece or a previous Dynasty Trade Targets piece, be sure to let me know on Twitter.

Curtis Patrick

Co-Owner, Chief Brand Officer. Dynasty Coordinator. Co-Host of the Dynasty Command Center Podcast on RotoViz Radio. Diamond-rated redraft player. Champion, Inaugural King’s Classic.

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