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Automatic Renewal

All RotoViz subscriptions lasting 1-year or less are recurring in nature and will automatically renew. After subscribing, you can opt-out of recurring subscription via your account page found at https://www.rotoviz.com/membership-account/. This will not cancel your RotoViz subscription and you will retain access to all content included in your subscription through its expiration date. 

Refund Policy

Due to the time-sensitive nature of our product, refunds will not be granted for initial subscriptions. Refunds will be granted for recurring subscriptions if the refund is requested within 24-hours of the renewal. Please note that your subscription is not subject to partial term proration upon cancelation.

Price Increases

RotoViz subscriptions may increase in price. You will be notified via email, at the address associated with your RotoViz account, in advance of any increase. 

2020 NFL Season

A RotoViz subscription provides entertainment, evergreen fantasy football information, and includes, dynasty, best ball, and redraft strategy that is applicable to any NFL season. As a result, subscriptions are purchased independently of the 2020 NFL season occurring. 

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