The Rundown: Stevan Ridley, the Raiders Roster Bubble, and Lamar Miller

Stevan Ridley

Ahmad Bradshaw

Has been cleared for football. Let’s hope his neck lasts longer than Jonathan Stewart’s hamstring. If it does, Bradshaw is likely to have value, in my opinion. He may not be ready for the Zero RB Watchlist, but he is ready to be monitored throughout the preseason. By the way, here are Team RotoViz’ Hot Takes on that other Colts’ running back, some dude named Richardson.

Theo Riddick

Continues to get some hype. Of course, the latest endorsement references his enthusiasm when he hits the wrong hole, but whatevs. He’ll likely make the roster as a special teams contributor and backup RB, but the odds against returning any value are steep. It would take more than an injury to Reggie Bush or Joique Bell for that to happen. First, there’s a chance the Lions could just give all the extra work to the non-injured part of the Bush/Bell duo. Second, they’ve got a high pick wasting away in Mikel Leshoure. They might decide to use him instead of Riddick. Don’t believe the hype.

Raiders Roster Bubble?

It’s just a tweet, but Oakland beat writer Vic Tafur suggests Juron Criner, Brice Butler, and Latavius Murray need strong camps in order to make the final roster. I happen to think Criner might not suck. But then again Davis Mattek thinks Andre Holmes is the real Raiders sleeper. Murray has long been a RotoViz sleeper (see here, and here), and recently got a bit of praise from offensive coordinator Greg Olsen. Given the fragility of the Raiders’ RBs, and their plethora of receivers1, I’d be more worried about Criner and Butler than Murray. A good time to ask for Murray as a throw-in to any dynasty league trades.2

Stevan Ridley

I was recently asked if a healthy Rob Gronkowski affects the outlook for the Patriots RBs. I don’t have an in depth answer, but I do have one promising nugget3 from the Game Splits App.


Ridley actually performs better when Gronk plays. Another reason we really, really like Ridley this year. A lot of the talk surrounding the Patriots right now is, justifiably, whether or not Gronkowski can stay healthy all season. I think the same argument Jonathan Bales made last year for Josh Gordon applies here. What’s not getting discussed a lot is what a healthy Gronk means to the rest of the Patriots. Not only does his presence have a salutary impact on Ridley, but Tom Brady produces five more fantasy points/game with Gronk in the lineup. Aaron Dobson could also inch closer to glory if he and Gronk can stay on the field.


Lamar Miller and Knowshon Moreno

Dolphins center Mike Pouncey could miss seven games. Whether you agree with Max Mulitz about Knowshon Moreno, or Davis Mattek and Scott Smith about Lamar Miller, things aren’t starting out well for the Dolphins running game. I’m passing on both for now.

Marshawn Lynch

Reportedly set to hold out of training camp, Lynch is unlikely to extract any more money from the Seahawks. Will a holdout have any impact on his performance during the season? Probably not. I do however expect his ADP to drop, and Christine Michael’s to rise, in the short term. My plan? Buy Lynch and sell Michael. Rich Hribar’s rationale for trading Michael at his peak is even more true now than it was in June. And if Lynch’s ADP does drop, it just makes one of the few “bellcow”4 RBs, who sports a healthy projection a little cheaper, and thus a little less risky.


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